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Well, this is not really a quest since logbook doesn't update, but anyway.

Finding out where to look:[]

There's a 3 ways to get a hint about the treasure (not counting the Location of Gifts quest)

  1. Buying a treasure map - usually from tavern, map sellers are same as smugglers, so if you see two of them in normal colony, one is most likely map seller (unless those characters are connected with some other quest).
  2. Collecting fragments of treasure maps - sometimes in treasures you'll find parts of the treasure maps. When you find more of them (I reckon it's usually 2), press F2. go to items, click on one fragment, and if you can click on "equip item" than you get normal treasure map, and fragments disappear.
  3. Getting locations when talking to people - Well, I noticed it only with girls in a brothel, but sometimes you'll get a hint about the treasure from people that's not documented in any way (no log entry or map), so you need a good memory.

Finding the treasure:[]

After you find out it's location, it's good to get local map (for example of Martinique if treasure is on Martinique). You'll get description when equipping the treasure map where it might be (pay attention if it's dungeon or cave, since dungeons are inside the cities, while caves are outside). Anyway, you see on the map where are the caves. Go to first one if there are more, and if you get message saying something like "Item was used, Treasure must be somewhere close" you're in the right cave.

Now all you have to do is to find chest with treasure. One little warning though - when you find the right chest most of the time skeletons will spawn - best way around this problem is not to pull out a sword/axe but to run for nearest exit, treasure will be there when you return, and skeletons won't spawn again (I like to do this since in most fights against skeletons officers like to die, and also, treasure might be pretty heavy, so if you want to return couple of times to pick up all the goodies - and that really is a problem when chest is full of "treasure" or "chests") either dismiss fighters or make a quick run for the exit.

Based on original from Skodarap's CoAS Site (used with permission). Original is here .