Age of Pirates Wiki

This quest is very simple and nets you a good Quest officer by the name of Humphrey Douglas. Good for starting captains.

  • First, head to Port of Spain in Trinidad and Tobago, then fast travel to the Port Controller and exit it. The house directly in front of you will be John Morris's Residence, and if you turn to your left, you will see a brick house at some distance in front of you that has stairs at its side. Walk up those stairs and enter the room.
  • Talk to the man inside, and you'll learn he used to be a musketeer, but retired because he had his rare carbine stolen by pirates. You'll get a hint about some "Arrow".
  • Now sail to Bermuda, enter the residence, and speak to Jackmann about finding this "Arrow". You'll learn that this corsair is always out at sea and thus will be difficult to find.
  • Enter back into the World Map and you'll eventually come across a ship with colored sails. Engage it - it's the "Arrow".
  • Now you want to board him and not sink him, then kill the bastard and loot his body and the containers. You should find the musket. Give it to the musketeer in Port of Spain and he will join you as a fighting officer.