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The Tenochtitlan quest begins automatically once you set foot on 'The Shores of Mosquito', which is north of Santa Catalina and south of Caratasca Lagoon. As soon as you moor your vessel, you will be approached by a man named Silvio Ricci. If you are playing on Vanilla Age of Pirates 2, you may get an empty dialog box when he approaches you and possibly crash to desktop. If so, read the next section on how to fix the bug. If not, skip to the walkthrough section instead. Note: GoF mod v2.0 users will not experience any bugs with this quest.

Quest Fix (Not required for GoF mod v2.0 users)[]

First of all, make sure Age of Pirates is closed (don't do this while the game is running).

Backup the files in the following folders so you can revert back to them if necessary:

(Age of Pirates Base Directory)\Program\DIALOGS\russian\Quest\Tenochtitlan
(Age of Pirates Base Directory)\Program\Text\Dialogs\Quest\Tenochtitlan

There should be 3 files in each of those directories, for 6 files in total.

Edit all 6 of those files in a text editor (such as WordPad).
You'll need to replace all instances of the word "DLG_TEXT" with "DLG_TEXT_TE" (WITHOUT quotes) in all 6 files.

To do that in WordPad for instance:

  1. Open one of the files.
  2. Click Edit, then click Replace.
  3. In the "Find what:" box, type in DLG_TEXT
  4. In the "Replace With:" box, type in DLG_TEXT_TE
  5. Click the "Replace All" button.
  6. Save.
  7. Repeat on the remaining 5 files.

It's worth noting that the later 3 files only have one instance each while the first three have many.

In case the above fix doesn't work (the Spaniard says only one line then you exit conversation and get stuck on the beach), do the following:

  1. Exit the game and backup anything you're going to edit.
  2. Use Microsoft Word or Notepad to open "For_AllTeno.c" located in (Age of Pirates Base Directory)\Program\DIALOGS\russian\Quest\Tenochtitlan (MS Word makes its easier to navigate & look at).
  3. At the end of the file will be this line "AddDialogExitQuestFunction("Teno_startInShore_2");" without quotes. it will be in the paragraph with "case "Shore53_10":"
  4. Copy that line and scroll up.
  5. Paste it below "link.l1.go = "Shore53_1";"
  6. Now get back to the game, after the Spaniard has said that single warning sentence, the way to Tenochtitlan will open. You will not have the rest of the talk with him, which is technically still a bug but at least you can still proceed with the quest.
  7. You can do both the "DLG_TEXT_TE" fix and this one, since this one opens up the path to Tenochtitlan and the other allows you to have the conversation. Alternatively, just install the GoF mod v2.0 and save yourself the trouble of having incomplete fixes.

Quest Walkthrough[]

Sail to 'The Shores of Mosquito', which is located north of Santa Catalina and south of Caratasca Lagoon. As soon as you moor your vessel, you will be approached by a man named Silvio Ricci who tells you that he has just become the lone survivor of a 50 man expedition that set off to El Dorado, the legendary city of gold. He'll tell you that everyone got consumed by hellfire and warn you not to visit the city, but of course your character will decide to take his/her chances and push forward.

From here on out, just keep heading straight until you reach the Lake Texcoco. Upon entering the map, an Aztec by the name of Moctezuma (this is a real historical figure in actuality) will address you and explain why the previous expedition was killed. He will then ask you to enter the city and retrieve a skull for him.

Now you'll get some information on what to do next, and basically in order to cross the bridge safely without burning alive, you will need 3 totems, or a ton of health and elixirs. There are 2 ways to do this:

  • Find the Camaxtli Totem only: The quickest method, though you will need a bit of health to tank the fires (invulnerability also works - in this case, just rush through without finding the totem). Find the totem (detailed below) and make sure you have a lot of health (400+ is a good bet), a ton of elixirs and saved before attempting this method. Now just run through the bridge while drinking your potions and stop when you're at the wooden point of the bridge - it's a nice choke point where no fire can touch you. Drink a few more potions to regain your health, then head on through inside the temple. An aztec will greet you, then continue forward to the base of the temple you see in front of you - there will be a slot where you can insert the Camaxtli totem which will disable the fire trap.
  • Find the TlazolteotI and Tonatiuth Totems: The safest method but also the most annoying. Recommended if you don't have the health to "tank" the fires. Find the two totems (detailed below), and place them inside the 2 holes beside the start of the bridge. This will turn off the fire trap and you can now walk past safely.

Here are the locations and details of the first three totems you'll need to find:

  • Camaxtli Totem - Located inside the lake. From where you enter, turn left and walk all the way to the end of the coastline, then walk into the lake while hugging the rocks. You should see a pickup icon very soon.
  • Tlazolteotl Totem - Located in the previous map behind a tree. Head back to the previous map and follow the path until it splits off into 2 directions. Take the left path, continue walking, and when the path winds right, ignore the path and just keep heading straight to the end. When you reach the end, look to your left and you'll see the totem hiding nicely behind the tree.
  • Tonatiuth Totem - Located inside the Portobello Jungle. Go to Portobello, then leave the town and turn left twice. Now this jungle is where you'll find the totem. From where you are, move forward and you'll notice the path winds 3 ways: Left, Straight, and Right. Take the right path, then at the junction just keep moving straight. Now, when the path winds right, ignore it and just head straight to the 2 trees in front of you and you'll find the totem right behind - at the base of the rock.

So head inside and you'll be greeted by a young Aztec called Mexitli, who will tell you a bit of information about the city. His brother Auisotl can also be found inside the city if you explore it. Both meetings are, however, quite pointless. Return to Moctezuma now and talk to him, and he'll tell you to find 10 totems to place inside the 10 different temples in Tenochtitlan. At this point, the logbook will offer no helpful information on where to find these totems, and it can get frustrating not knowing exactly where to look in the world to find them.

Now, there are 2 ways you can find these totems:

  • If you're lucky, you can find them in merchants' stores for sale. This is quite rare however.
  • They spawn in a definite location, detailed below. This is the recommended method, and you can even find these totems when you first start the game, without needing to start the Tenochtitlan quest. Note: If you buy them from the merchants, they will not spawn - and if you entered the area where it can be found and it spawns, merchants will never sell it.

Aztec Totem Locations[]

Listed below are the locations of the 10 totems you need to find, as well as the bonus they give to the Vanilla Age of Pirates II player. GoF mod v2.0 users will not receive any stat/skill bonus - they have been replaced by skill books. Also, the code to teleport yourself instantly to the totem location with the debugger is written in italic below - use it if you are too lazy to run around the whole world.

  1. Xochiquetzal Totem: Goddess of flowers and love. (+20 Success) Bermudas, Shores of Broken Washbasin. Swim around the wrecked ship and it is close to where the vessel touches the cliff.
    • Code: Shore_ship1, item, item1
  2. Mictlantecuhtli Totem: God of kingdom of the dead. (+20 Stealth) San Juan del Norte beach. This is south of Santa Catalina on the Spanish main. Enter the cave and it is in the first chamber behind the furthest stalegmites from the shore.
    • Code: Shore55, item, item1
  3. Quetzalcoatl Totem: God of the morning star, ruler of the elements. (+20 Defense) Inside a cave on Saint Martin. Possible even with hostile dutch relations; simply moor your vessel on The Shores of Strange Wind, then head inland once. You will see a well which leads to a cave, so enter it. Once you enter the well, enter the first chamber in front of you, then check the behinds of the stalagmites to your right - it is behind the one furthest from you.
    • Code: Marigo_cave, item, item1
  4. Mixcoatl Totem: The God of hunting. (+20 Accuracy) Trinidad and Tobago, Port of Spain. It is clearly visible on the ground behind the church.
    • Code: Portspein_town, item, item1
  5. Tezcatlipoca Totem: Guardian of priests, flailer of criminals. (+20 Pistols) Martinique, Fort De France dungeon. Go to the store in town, exit it, then go down the stairs in front of you. The entrance is to your left, next to the store. Enter the dungeon, then hug the right wall until you reach a descending stairway. Climb down it, turn to the left, follow the path, then pick the doorway on your left further from you, then continue on until you come out into a larger room. The totem is directly to your left, on the ground.
    • Code: Fortfrance_dungeon, item, item1
  6. Chalchiuhtlicue Totem: Goddess of lake and sea. (+20 Authority) Tortuga. Enter the port control, then exit it. Walk to the building in front of you, then check the area to the left of the building. It is on the ground near the end of the porch.
    • Code: Tortuga_town, item, item1
  7. Huitzilopochtli Totem: God of clear blue skies. (+20 Medium weapons) Curacao, Willemstad. This requires good terms with the United Provinces as it is inside the residence, stuck to a column near the entrance door. Go up the stairs, turn right and hug the columns, turn right again, then look right - it's stuck to the column, clearly visible. You should get a pickup icon long before you see it.
    • Code: Villemstad_townhall, item, item1 (Will make you stuck. Just teleport elsewhere to unstuck yourself.)
  8. Tlaloc Totem: God of rain and thunder, lord of vegetables (+20 Light weapons) Hispaniola, Santo Domingo Lighthouse. Enter the lighthouse and climb the stairs until you see a small plank leading to a ledge on the opposite wall. Cross the plank then jump down twice, and you'll find the totem on the window ledge.
    • Code: Mayak8, item, item1 (Will make you stuck. Just teleport elsewhere to unstuck yourself.)
  9. Mayahuel Totem: The goddess of fertility. Also the world's first barkeep. (+20 Heavy weapons) Cuba, Santiago Inquisition Torture Chamber. Underneath the stairway that leads to the church in this town is a door leading to a torture chamber. Enter it, turn to the right, then look under the beds in the chamber in front of you for this totem.
    • Code: Santiago_Incquisitio, item, item1 (Will make you stuck. Just teleport elsewhere to unstuck yourself.)
  10. Tonacatecuhtli Totem: The creator of god who feeds mankind. (+20 Commerce) The Shores of Amatrice, south of Belize. Moor, then head straight, straight again, turn left then finally, turn right. You should now be at the Inca temple. Now head to the right and hug the walls until you reach the last shrub closest to you. The totem is hidden underneath the leaves of this shrub.
    • Code: Temple, item, item1 (Will make you stuck. Just teleport elsewhere to unstuck yourself.)

Once you have all 10 totems, you can head back to Tenochtitlan (Code: Tenochtitlan, reload, reload1_back). Prepare for a big fight and make sure you stock up some potions and antidotes (the Aztec warriors can poison you).

Now the order in which the totems are listed is the order in which they are used in the 10 doorways from left to right. So head inside the city, look slightly to your left, and go up the steps in front of you. The first temple is in front of you, furthest to the left, with the other one all the way right, past the 2 big castle-like temples. The key thing to identify these 2 temples is to look at the symbols above the doorways. There should be 5 symbols, one above each doorway, to symbolize the totem needed (and subsequently, the correct temple). The other temples can thus be recognized as "placeholders" and are useless - they cannot be entered or interacted with.

Walk up the steps to each temple, and save before entering any of the doorways. Once you enter a doorway, you should place the totems in the slot in the center of the room but there will always be 3 Aztec warriors who spawn immediately upon entry to the room (including subsequent re-entries). Kill them all and place the totem in the slot, then leave. Rinse and repeat for each of the 5 doorways, then go to the other temple all the way at the furthest end and do the same thing.

After placing all 10 totems in all 10 slots, you'll get a logbook update and will have to enter the main temple. At the point you place your final totem you will recieve a brief logbook update informing you of just this. Before you head to the main pyramid, though, you'll need a totem which will require you to go swimming.

Looking at the entrance of the Temple of the Great Life Force (the main temple), you'll notice columned structures to both its left and right. They both contain stairways to underwater labyrinths but the one on the right has no loot so ignore it and head instead for the one on the left. Save before heading down into the water and you'll enter a water maze.

Note that you only have 80 seconds to breathe so if you make mistakes while traversing this maze, you are likely screwed. Here are some directions to aid you:

  1. Turn left immediately upon entering the maze.
  2. Turn right when you hit the corner, obviously.
  3. Turn right when faced with the opportunity to turn right or left, then follow the path straight to the end, turning left at the corner.
  4. Follow the path all the way until you come to 3 possible turns to the right. Pick the 2nd one.
  5. Follow the path all the way and turn right. Keep swimming to the end and you're free.

Now climb up the stairs and you'll see a nice little chest. Open it to find:

  • Centeotl Totem: The young god of maize. (+20 Navigation)

Now, make sure you have the Centeotl Totem on hand before entering the main temple, as it is required to open a chest inside. There is another totem called "Xipe Totec" which is also used in this temple, found in the Ascold Quest, though it is not really necessary to have it before entering.

Now here comes one of the hardest parts in the game depending on your level - when you enter the temple you'll need to kill the 4 aztec warriors, and even more later on. These fights are actually easier than the fights with the 3 Aztec warriors beforehand, but you will be encountering a lot of them so stock up on those potions, make sure you have a lot of inventory space, then head on in. If you are level 20 and below, you will find that the fights here are very tough, but if you're already level 45 and above with 95% of all the personal skills taken, you'll find this to be more of a breeze.

So kill them, then keep descending each level until you come to the final basement. You may encounter a locked chest on the way; this chest requires the Xipe Totec Totem, which can be found in the Ascold Quest (see above), or if you're too lazy - use the (Code: Temple_inside, item, item1). Once you reach the final basement, kill the Aztecs then round the corner until you come to a large room with stairs. Before ascending those great steps, face the steps then turn to the left, and you'll see a nice slot to put the Centeotl Totem into. If you turn to the right, that slot is for you to put the Xipe Totec Totem into. Now look to the right after putting in the Centeotl totem in the slot; you'll see a nice chest in the distance that you can now open for the Ceremonial Obsidian Knife - keep this with you; the rest of the items in the chest are basically useless.

If you do have the Xipe Totec Totem and have put it into the slot, then make sure to head back up those stairs to the locked chest you found while descending. It will now be unlocked and will contain the following notable loot:

  • 120100 Gold
  • 12 Rat Totems (Solves rat problems on ship as long as the commanding officer holds at least one)
  • 12 Achcuahzin Figurines (Used for Ascold's 3 Aztec Item Quest)
  • 4 Ceremonial Knives (Used for Ascold's 3 Aztec Item Quest)
  • 7 Ceremonial Vessels (Used for Ascold's 3 Aztec Item Quest)
  • 11 Atlantic Warriors (Used for Ascold's Quest to break the contract)
  • Miscellaneous Aztec Items (mostly useless though some are rare)

Now walk up those great steps and you'll find the Jade skull lying on the floor. Save first before taking it because Mictlantecuhtli himself will appear as soon as you take it, and he'll try to kill you. He has over 3000 health points, which can be a real pain as you may run out of energy when fighting him. In this case, you'll probably have to kite him and run around the room while waiting for your energy to regenerate. If you're strong however, you can even crit him for 1000+ damage with your heavy attack, and the fight will be over quickly.

After you beat Mictlantecuhtli, he'll give you the Jade skull to keep and tell you the truth about Moctezuma. Now that you have the skull and the dagger you're ready to leave this temple and enter the one directly in front of you as you come out. It's the one with a round top called 'Temple of the White Gods'. Climb all the way to the top of the temple then travel to the back of it and you'll see the 'pickup/use' icon. Hit it and you'll use the ceremonial obsidian knife to open the door to this temple. Now go inside and you'll find the Shotgun so pick it up and equip it as soon as possible.

Now that all's said and done, we still need to finish the main quest so head back over the dam to see Moctezuma waiting for you at the other end. Save before approaching him and after a rather brief conversation, you'll have to fight him so kill that backstabbing bastard and loot his body. After you leave the map, the quest will be complete.