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First go to the Residence in Havana. NOTE: You must have a Spanish Patent to start this line of quests.

  1. The Three Spaniards
    • Talk to the Governor-General Francisco Oregon y Gascon and ask about working for the glory of Spain. He will give you a quest to save three distinguished Spaniard prisoners from the fort in Port Royale, Jamaica.
    • It is suggested that you anchor at a shore away from town to make for an easy escape. The Shores of Portland work well (stay to the right at each screen on the island to get to the fort).
    • There are 2 strategies you can employ at the fort - depending on your reputation and relations with England. If you have good relations with them - bribe the jailor. If not, you will have to fight your way through the prison. The prison is at the bottom of the stairs. Enter, kill the guards. NOTE: There is an opportunity to take a short side quest by talking to a single prisoner in the first cell on the left.
    • Go to the end of the row of cells and find the 3 Spaniards crowding a single cell. Speak with them and now you have to escape. You don't need to worry about the 3 prisoners here they will make their own way back to the ship, but you WILL have to protect the (optional) single prisoner you released in the first cell if you chose to take the side quest. This can be tricky, so be sure to have a backup save.
    • Return to Havana and speak with the governor to finish your mission. You will be awarded the title of Filibustero and 50,000 gold. You will need to wait some time before you can take the next quest.
    • This is a good time to finish the side quest if you took it. (Since he will always be with you on land and can die very easily, it's best to get rid of him ASAP).
  2. At the behest of the Holy Inquisition
    • After a few days have passed speak with the Governor-General in Havana again and he will have some kind words and a new quest for you.
    • Take your ship and travel to Santiago (Cuba). There go to the church and speak with the priest, tell him you are there on business and after a brief exchange, he will tell you that the Inquisition is beneath the church. (You can also just go straight to the Inquisition if you don't want to talk to the priest or if you arrive at night.)
    • Exit the church, down the stairs, turn right and just below the stairs is the door to the Inquisition.
    • Go inside, ignore the 2 red-robed guards and take the hallway to the right, then the first left and behind some furniture there's a passage to the Cardinal. Speak with him and you will accept his mission to find 3 merchants and take from them 50K each for their sins.
    • Exit the tunnels and wait for a priest to come and speak with you. He knows your mission and asks you to consider it carefully before resorting to drastic means. If you choose to re-enter the Inquisition dungeons and warn the Cardinal, he will thank you and give you the Cross of Antonio de Souza (unique item: +30 Luck, +20 Authority, +10 Trade - Thanks to Gagarin77 for this information).
    • Travel to Willemstad (Curacao) and visit the store to find the merchant Joao d'Ylan. He will send you after his partner Jacob Lopez de Fonseca who is conveniently also on your list.
    • Now go to Porto Bello (Spanish Main), and from there by foot to Panama (stay to the left for 4 transitions). Again go to the store and speak with the merchant, then go to the tavern and speak with the barkeep there. Finally start searching the houses one by one. When you find the right house, you'll need to kill all the kidnappers. There's only one on the first floor and several on the second. It's a good idea to save before climbing the stairs, as one of the kidnappers has a pistol and can 1 shot most characters if he scores a critical.
    • When you free the second merchant (Jacob Lopez de Fonseca), he'll tell you about a sacred book and trigger an optional side quest to retrieve it from Bermuda. It's highly recommended to detour to Bermuda and find this book (along with other nice goodies).
    • If you go to Bermuda, speak with the shipyard manager. Ask him to open the dungeon. (The door to his right) After a brief warning about the possible dangers beyond, he opens the door for you. (NOTE: If you have unfinished ship upgrades and don't have the materials to complete them, you'll have to either finish them or swap ships before you can talk about anything else with the shipyard manager).
    • Be sure to bring antidote(s) as there are quite a few skeletons beyond the door. After you've dispatched them all, you'll want to make your way to the chest directly in front of you. Turn to the right first and search the corridors until you eventually reach it. Inside you'll find many nice trinkets alongside the sacred book (Bible) which you should be sure to grab. Also of note is a Rat God totem. (present in GOF 2.0)
    • Return to Curacao and go to the trader. You'll get the $100,000 for the inquisition and you'll have an opportunity to return the Bible from Bermuda. If you hand it over in Curacao you will get 1,000,000 pieces of eight. Alternatively, you can hold onto it and return it to the Cardinal in Santiago when you return for an Excellent Cuirass instead (best cuirass in the game).
    • Now is the time to deal with the final merchant. While still in Curacao, go to the Moneylender. Speak with him, but don't provoke or attack him. Just turn back and leave the room.
    • Go to the tavern and speak with the bar maid. She will tell you about the moneylender's son and send you after his Pirate sloop enroute to Fort Orange (Jamaica). Sail to Fort Orange and exit sea mode. Search for the ship nearby and board his vessel. HINT: you can use the "Sail to" function from sea mode to check for pirate contacts and then manually sail to where you see the arrow. The captain will surrender and you now have a hostage. NOTE: If playing with GOF installed (1.2 and 2.0 tested), this step is bugged and there is no way to capture him. Just capture or sink the ship (or let it escape) so you can continue.
    • Return to Curacao and receive the Inquisition's payment from the Moneylender (NOTE: GOF players can skip this since there's no leverage to use to collect the payment).
    • Travel to Santiago and go to the Cardinal to turn in the collected funds. If you didn't hand over the Bible in Curacao, be sure to hand it over during this conversation to receive the Excellent Cuirass.
    • Go to Havana and speak with the Governor to finish the quest. As usual, you must wait several days before you can take the next quest from him.
  3. Bagging Rock
    • Your next mission is to track down and capture Rock the Brazilian, an infamous rogue. Go to the tavern and speak with the innkeeper and he'll send you to Maracaibo (Spanish Main).
    • Sail to Maracaibo and just as you're entering the mouth of Guajira bay drop out of map mode. Find the pirate ship (if he doesn't find you first), board it and capture the captain.
    • Return to Santiago (Cuba) and bring him to the Cardinal in the inquisition dungeon.
    • Go to Havana and speak to governor. He'll thank you and tell you to return in 2 days after enough time passes to thoroughly probe the Rock for information.
    • When you return in 2 days, he tells you of 3 locations - Cuba, Hispaniola and Belize. It is possible to simply pay him the 500k yourself and skip the treasure hunt. He'll give you 100k back for your efforts so it'll only cost you 400k, but you'll miss as opportunity for some plentiful loot (including a rat god totem in Belize). I recommend using the in-game Maps to locate the cave entrances below:
    • There is one in the only cave on Cuba, 2 in the same cavern near Belize - it's the first cave if you land in Chetoumel Bay. One treasure chest is hidden in the water and you have to jump from the bridge to the water to get it. The final treasure is in the north part of Hispaniola, in cavern that looks like well on map. Anchor at the Shores of Samana and it's the well entrance on the first map inland.
    • After collecting all the loot, return to the Governor's Residence in Havana to turn in Rock's stash and end the quest. Speak to him again and he'll promote you to Lieutenant. This time he asks you to return after a few weeks have passed.
  4. High Murder in Havana
    • Governor General Francisco Oregon y Gascon informs you that the Commandant of Havana, don Jose Ramirez de Leiva and his servants have been murdered and tasks you with solving the crime.
    • Head out the front of the Residence and straight to the Commandant's house which is directly across the fountain in front of you to the left of the bank.
    • Search inside and you'll find a letter upstairs next to the bed.
    • Speak with the bar maid in the tavern to get the rest of the story.
    • Now go tell the Governor General what you learned. He'll give you a French trade license send you to Tortuga to continue the investigation.
    • Sail to Tortuga, fly the French flag (or any Nation not hostile to France) and moor.
    • Speak to the barkeep and he'll tell you where to search. The house may be random - it was different for me than was written in this guide previously. Once you find it, speak to the man inside. He will tell you that the man you're looking for just left and hurry to catch him.
    • Head out and follow the man that starts running in front of you. He'll head to the dungeons. Follow him inside, take a left at the bottom of the stairs and you'll find the entrance a short ways to Fish Eye Beach.
    • Confront the killer on the beach and after an informative dialog, kill him. (Note, the game confuses the killer's name throughout this quest referring to him as Henri, Henry and even Andre. Using GOF 2.0)
    • Return to Havana and report to the Governor General. He'll reward you with 120,000 pieces of eight and invite you to visit again sometime.
  5. Business in Santiago
    • After a few days pass, you can speak to the Governor General again and he'll send you off to report to Governor Jose Sanchez Jimenez in Santiago. He won't tell you anything except that it's some big military operation and that you won't get bored.
    • When speaking to the Governor in Santiago be sure you say you're here to "discuss one matter with you" and NOT to "work for the glory of Spain" (which triggers his normal quests).
    • He'll tell you that Hispaniola must be made entirely Spanish and that we are to begin this task by raiding and killing everyone in La Vega pirate settlement.
    • Sail to Hispaniola and moor at Cape Isabella (suggested). From there, bear to the left twice to reach the entrance to La Vega.
    • You'll be greeted by defenders and you and your men will launch the assault. Kill everyone outside and proceed inside to finish off the town's inhabitants.
    • With everyone dead, you can now enter the residence and defeat the pirate governor Edward Mansfield, completing the sack of the town.
    • Return to Santiago and report in. He'll reward you with 100,000 pieces of eight (which your log assures you is a good deal).
    • Finally, return to Havana and tell don Francisco Oregon y Gascon of your success. NOTE: After successful completion of this quest, you will have a new option when you choose to speak to the Governor General about working for the glory of Spain. You can choose this to transfer any colonies you capture to Spanish control. Alternatively, you can keep any colonies you capture and assign an officer to be the mayor allowing you to collect taxes regularly.
  6. Very easy quest now, go to Havana governor, speak with him for it. He has suspicions dutch and french governors are planning something. He gives u a french license.
    • Go to Tortuga, and visit the tavern.
    • Speak with the innkeeper and get a room for a week.
    • Go to Port Controler and speak with him for information for visitors.
    • Now what u want for the next 5-9days, but each day return to room for the night.
    • On the 6th day (_for me_) when i left the room ,there was a messanger telling u the dutch visitor is here.
    • After this start to speak with someone from the tavern from your right and ask him to bring the messenger to your room.
      1. Go to your room and after 20-30sec. messanger comes and u can kill him and steal from the body the letter.
      2. U can jsut get out of the tavern and wipe out the city (around 12 guards) and kill the messanger in public and get the letter.
      3. This way u stay stealth and u can board your ship and go to Havana to finish the quest at the governor.
      4. This way when u board your ship/ships u gonna be in the middle of a fight with 8 ships(2x class 2 and 6 class 5-6). Also another way is from the same start not "park" your ship here, but at the lighthouse. And still have your chance to make massacre in the city and escape successfully.WAIT BEFORE TAKING NEXT QUEST !!! - And read it before even taking itPreparation: U need all the battle ships u can find, with maximum crew, with food in each for atleast 40 days, U need all the best ships. (Additional info by Gagarin77: In quests 8-11 the head of enemy fleets have lots of gold in chests in their cabins (750k-1 million piasters) so if possible board their ships.)
  7. The governor give u a new mission - go and help Pardalo, who is sinking ships at Antigua, but now there's a huge fleet going directly to him.
    • Go with your fleet (_in my case 2x MOW and 1x Battleship_) to Antigua and (not front of the city, more far, so the fort don't fire on you) switch to sea mode...
    • U appear in the middle of EPIC battle. Front of u u have 5x Battleship + 3x lower class ship. The "easy" thing is to defeat them, but the mission is to SAVE the captain of the most destroyed ship. I tried 4 times, each time game generates diff enemies, but each time not only i cant save the captain, i die enemy boards me and rapes my crew/fighters and me. I succeeded in one of the tries to board, and this for my fun was the main ship of the enemy fleet. Looting the captain's body is a MUST. U get a lot of stuff, but try to save our friend and then fight
    • After saving the friendly captain and turn the quest in governors residence of Havana u win 25K gold (which is funny smile.gif ). U have 1 week before takign the next quest and u have to prepare for it. Unbelievably it's easier, u need 2 MOW ships and some small vessels - nothing special.
  8. After 1 week have passed and u are prepared - go to take the quest.- Before this u can go and finally upgrade to the max your MOW if u haven't done it until now.
    • Governor informs u Pirates from England and France, with help from Tortuga are attacking Cumana and u must save it.
    • Put on use the best damage ammunitions, get extra crew and go directly to Cumana, now before turning into Sea Mode and starting the battle, u must position your ship that way:
    • Enter battle mode and use all your perks to reload faster. Your job is just to shoot without stopping and survive two boardings during this time.
    • Go to Cumana governor, select the business and speak in 2 lines with him. Then go to Havana and speak with governor there to finish mission and get 100K reward.
  9. Go to governor of Havana(after 1 week) and take the new quest to go to Porto Bello.
    • Take ONLY 1 ship(Better MOW) and head to Porto Bello.
    • Meet there the governor and he give u 4 class 4 ships with gold to help them reach Cayman
    • U MUST have own strategy now, before entering the sea from of Cayman, or use mine.
    • Don't get very close to the island or your ships will be between u and the enemy. U can loose some of them, but not all. One good commander with good MOW and good officers can take thsi fleet very easy.
    • Go to governor of Havana and speak with him.
  10. Go to governor, who tells u the previous accident wont happen again. And now u must head to Maracaibo to stop ENEMY ATTACK (8 ships, 3 MOW and 3 Battleship, and some other 2). Only help from there is the fort cannons (like they can help us smile.gif )
    • Go to governor of Maracaibo, speak with him, get out of hte building and soldiers speaks with u, then return and speak with governor again.
    • We get an order to finish the attacker, we go to port and start attack.
    • When done we return to governor of Maracaibo and we receive 70K gold.(repair your ship, facking governor, with that amount of money...)
    • We return to Havana where we get a big "THANKS" from our governor.- So no some special strategy here for that mission, just a massacre.
  11. We return after ~10 days for the next mission. Atatck and robb the two holland cities.
    • Take all the firepower u have. First and more easy to take is Curacao. ~40 cannons and we can robb it easy.
    • Then it's time to repair, and prepare for the harder fort. San Martin's one has 161 cannons, here u need long range cannons on your ship/ships - 42lbs. So the fort wont attack u or not so thought.
    • After robbing this city we return to Havana and our reward is all the gold we took.(strangely i don't remember taking any, but who counts this).
  12. Now u have to return 1 month or more later. Your last quest is to take the city of Port-au-prince.
    • This port has 179 cannons - it can sunk a MOW for 34sec.(yes i counted it). SO u have to use 2 MOW's and strike from safe distance. When u take the fort, go and capture the city.
    • When on the shore u have to go to the residence and make the fort part of the spanish kingdom.
    • Return to Havana and the very known governor to finish the quest and after that we finally can work for the great honor of Castilla.

Based on original from Skodarap's CoAS Site (used with permission). Original is here .