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Logbook entry: Find the person amongst the pearl divers who gives Sharp his... sharp information

This quest will not be available unless you already know about Sharp, so read on to find out how to trigger the quest and complete it easily. This is a short quest that gives you the best cuirass in the game. Good for starting characters.

  1. You have two options. The simplest one is to simply visit Jackman in his residence in Bermuda. The other option is to visit Henry Morgan's house in Port Royale, and talk to him until he mentions Sharp, which will require peace with England or a decent stealth skill in order to avoid frustrations. He mentions asking at the Brothel but you don't have to do this step. Instead go directly to the pearl diver's village.
  2. Now, you need to go and visit the pearl divers. Before you do this, make sure you have any one of the following: a Spanish trade license and the ability to fly a Spanish Flag, a letter of marque, or native Spanish nationality. Flying with a Spanish Flag and 100 stealth skill does not work.
  3. Now, sail to the Shores of Amatrice on the Spanish main - just South of Belize, and ensure you fly the Spanish flag and meet the prerequisites above before mooring. If you fail, and the pearl divers are somehow alerted, you will have to wait a few months before trying again.
  4. Keep turning left at every fork and press onward until you get to the Pearl Diver Village. You will eventually be greeted by the sentry for the Pearl Diver Village before you reach it. As always, the path is to the Village is to the left. However, before entering the village, make sure to save your game before entering the village for the first time! Sometimes the Indian (Aztec native model) doesn't spawn, so the moment you enter the village, make sure you can find this guy. If he isn't in the village, reload and try again.
  5. Now, when you enter the village, immediately go into the first house on the right. Inside you'll find a Spanish officer. Speak to him and you'll get offered the quest to find Sharp's spy. You will get a Rat God Totem just for accepting the quest! He also promises you fighting gear upon completion of the task.
  6. When you leave his house, look in the village for the Indian and speak to him. Ask what he knows about a spy and he will tell you to visit the Shores of San Juan del Norte, which is near Santa Catalina. You will also get a log update at this point.
  7. Now go back to your ship and sail on down the coast until you come to the Shores of San Juan del Norte. This is near Santa Catalina. Once you come to the shores, do not moor yet! You want to save your game here first and wait until 0:00 midnight time (or anytime close to that is fine), before mooring. When you moor, you should get a logbook update, stating that "fortune awaits me in the Gulf". If you do not get a logbook update when you moor, reload or wait another day or so and try again.
  8. Now, just walk forward and enter the cave in front of you and you'll come across 2 men talking. They will spot you and after a short exchange, they'll attack you. Kill them both.
  9. Head back to the Pearl Diver Village via the Shores of Amatrice and collect your reward. Ensure that you are still flying the Spanish Flag and have met the prerequisites before you moor! You will receive 1 Spanish Rapier, 1 Poleaxe, 1 Beretta Pistol, and 1 Expensive Cuirass, and the quest ends.