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Start the quest line by going to Pirate Settlement (Bermuda) and asking Jackman ("governor") if he has work for you. He tells you to go to Puerto Principe and talk to Goodley.

  1. Go to Puerto Principe and find Goodley: he looks like Sean Connery, dressed in green velvet and with Basque, and wanders around the settlement. When you find him and talk to him, he invites you in the tavern where he proposes that you do a favor for Morgan: you'll need to accept to continue the quest line. If you don't it breaks the quest line. The favor consists of going to the beach-port, taking on Bolton as a passenger and taking him to Morgan (see the 2nd mission).
  2. Talk to Bolton at the beach Puerto Principe, let him board the ship and sail to Port Royal. On disembarking, you'll be arrested for complicity with a bandit (Bolton) and taken to prison. Morgan helps you out of prison and invites you to his house.
  3. Morgan instructs you to look in Martinique for Edward Low. Go to Le François and talk to the bartender, who tells you about his house. Low is inside. Talk to Low. Return to Morgan, who's mad at you for lying to him (you were tricked by Low), but he gives you the chance to redeem yourself with the next mission.
  4. Find Edward Low and kill him. Go back to Le François to find that Low already left the place. The innkeeper tells you that he was looking for a ship, but La Francois is not the place. Go to Port de France. Speak with the bartender who tells you that he was there and wanted to buy a Brig but he didn't have enough money to buy a Lugger. After that go and talk to the money lender and then with the port controller: say you are looking for relatives and Low but does not believe in exchange of 15000 tells you that he left Fort de France on a ship to Bermuda (if you say that you're going to try to make him pay, you'll be arrested).Need a better translation of this step
    • At Bermuda talk to Shipmaster about Low. Tell him you're going to kill Low (if you say that you're his friend will be directed to Jackman makes you kill: Member has cheated the brig Sea Wolf).
    • To enrich the quest, after talking with the master shipwright don't go straight to the bartender, but first visit Jackman, who tells stories of various backgrounds among the Brotherhood of the Coast and Morgan in particular. He offers additional reward for Low's skin.
    • Then talk with the bartender, who tells you Goodley is sitting there, and there Goodley tells you Low went to Cumana.
    • Along the way, capture at least a second ship, sloop or possibly lugger (check next part of the mission).
    • In Cumana talk to the bartender, ask him about rumors and pay 1000 piasters. He will inform you that there's a brig attacking small boats.
    • Leave your flag ship at port controller and go out with a sloop or a lugger (You'll need a class 6 ship - you can also buy it at shipyard).
    • Sail out the Cumana, go to world map and sail around a bit, but don't go too far: The Sea Wolf is out there. When you return to sail mode you should see Sea Wolf in "sail to" (when I was looking for it, I barely found it near a beach just south of Port of Spain - still mainland - and it was about 4000 yards away, anyway, when you see it in "sail to", just leave the selection on it and turn the view around until you see the arrows on the horizon and after that just sail towards it - you can't actually sail to it, since it's flying a pirate flag).
    • Board the ship and kill Low. After you kill Low, go first to Jackman in Bermuda, who will be happy and will give the Sea Wolf. Then go back to Morgan for the final reward (very small). You can also go directly from Morgan and keep the Sea Wolf, which also ends the quest, but without the recognition and compliments from Jackman. The Sea Wolf is a special brig, with a nice look at statistical variables sometimes good, but bit below the Blue Bird which is also class 4.
      • The best stat I found are: hull 2905, sp. 16.76, man. 48.64, Equip. Max 202, 24 16 rod.
      • The randomization of stats is not done on the pier at the time when the capture, like the Blue Bird, perhaps much sooner, or every game has some stats in advance.
  5. Morgan intends to compete with Sharp. He wants you to go to the North Bay of Turks and raid some pearl divers.
    • Go there and ransack the tartans (just sail close to them, no need for boarding or shooting and they will give you their "loot" of pearls) to accumulate at least 500 large and 1,000 small pearls (usually it takes 4-5 tartanes - there are 9 or 10 however, so don't worry too much about it, just raid one after another until you have enough), and while going back to Morgan keep them in inventory (not in the chest), even if you're overloaded, otherwise you can not get them all to Morgan.
    • Now, sail back to Port Royal (it would be wise to avoid combat, at least boarding parties, at this stage since you are overloaded and you can't move fast, also, don't leave anything in chest or sell to traders - check next part of the mission).
    • In Port Royal, go directly to Morgan. Bring all the loot, even if it exceeds the required amount of pearls: if you unload in the chest or sell the excess first, Morgan accuses you of cheating and kills you (which is not good).
  6. After you hand over the pearls to Morgan he tells you that he doesn't have any missions for you and to return at the later time. After you leave his house, Goodley will intercept you in the street and hire you to find and kill John Avery, a guy who works as debt-collector for moneylenders.
    • Go to moneylender and he tells you to start at Willemstadt.
    • Go to Willemstadt, (I'm not sure if all of this must be done in Willemstadt, but in next stages of the quest it must be done) go to tavern, drink with one of the drunks and ask him about rumors. He will tell you that Avery was here.
    • Go to moneylender and ask him about Avery. He will tell you that he was here but took off. And he will tell you about the next town.
    • This repeats until you get log entry about moneylender being robbed (4 different towns I think). He will tell you that robber was from Bermuda.
    • Go to Bermuda and speak with innkeeper. He will tell you about certain Orry and that he is in his house - just left after you leave the tavern. Go to his house and kill Orry and Avery.
    • Return to Willemstadt (or the city that was mentioned in that log entry where moneylender was robbed) and talk to moneylender. He will give you a little reward.
    • Go to Port Royale. Goodley is in the tavern, talk to him, pick up a reward for killing and then return to Morgan.
  7. Morgan forgives you for killing Avery, but instructs you to go to Bermuda and report it to Jackman.
    • Jackman is surprised to see you since apparently his partner Leeds blocked you on a shore just north of Belize. He sends you there to clear up the mess.
    • After you get there, find the ship Leeds is on, and talk to him.
    • Anchor in the harbour (be prepared to fight your "twin's" sailors - I'm not sure thought if they are right on the beach or in the jungle). Kill the sailors and go deeper in the jungle. There you'll face your impersonator. He looks exactly like you. Fight him and his officers and kill them.
    • Go back to Jackman, explain to him everything.
    • Return to Morgan. Morgan tells you he already knows about it and has already sent Linney to inqure about it in pirate settlements (continues in next mission).
  8. Morgan instructs you to go to La Vega to trace Linney, who was sent to investigate the mysteries of the past.
    • At La Vega talk to innkeeper. He will tell you that Linney left on a lugger with a friend. Get back to the ship and go to the lugger with "sail to" option, and go aboard (before you talk to innkeeper change the flag on your ship to your nation's flag or flag of friendly nation, just in case you're sailing under pirate flag or flag of nation hostile to your nation since if the lugger recognizes you as enemy they will attack you and quest will be broken). Captain of the lugger will tell you that he's seen his ship for sale in Santo Domingo.
    • Go to Santo Domingo and ask shipyard master about the schooner Swallow. He'll tell you that someone was there and sold the ship (not sure if he mentions Linney) but they left. Go to port control and talk to port master. He will tell you that person in question has left the port on a frigate couple of days ago.
    • Leave the port, go to the map and you'll notice a ship with purple sails - attack it, board it and fight the captain. Captain will tell you that Sawkins is rebelling against Morgan and plans to attack the Spaniards.
    • Go back to Morgan to report about Linney. He tells you to go and investigate Sawkins in Puerto Principe.
    • Sail to Puerto Principe. Talk to innkeeper about Sawkins and he will tell you that he's recruiting people for a raid against the Spanish and that he keeps everything in his log. After this you can proceed 1 of 2 ways:
      1. Go directly to his office and steal the log from the desk but you will be attacked by about 10 people - go in, take the log from the desk and get out as fast as possible from both the office and the town since the guards in the town will attack you too.
      2. Alternately you can talk to the barmaid, and she will offer you information in exchange for a golden ring with ruby and golden ring with emerald (not 100% sure about his part though since I've done it the faster way). She will tell you that Sawkins leaves his office at night and that you can climb in through a window. Enter the window and steal the log.
    • Log says that there's a battleship loaded with gems that sails from Panama to Europe, and that ship will reach St. Martin in about 15 days.
    • Go directly to St Martin. Depends how fast you get there, you should see the ship sailing from south with purple sails on a world map. Attack it and board it, and on board in the chest you'll find a huge amount of jewlery (good idea would be to empty your inventory before boarding, since there's about 400 kilos - maybe more - of jewelery in the chest). Alternately you can sink it, as far as quest goes it doesn't make much difference since your goal is to prevent Sawkins from getting the battleship.
    • Go back to Morgan and report to him. He regrets that you didn't take the treasure but believes you. He also tells you to report to him in a month, and in the meantime you can do missions for nations - he says that he won't mind. This is the best time to complete (or start and complete) national quest-lines because after the next mission you won't be able to do them (check the end notes of the next mission)
  9. The campaign of Panama. (Premise: If this is done after a national quest-line, Morgan is no longer available in Port Royal, but in his residence in Antigua, the gathering and departure of ships to take place in Antigua and if you haven't done national quest line, Morgan will be in Port Royal and gathering and departure will be from Port Royal)
    • After a month you go back to Morgan and he offers you to participate in attack on Panama. You will lead the pirate squadron, with Morgan, Jackman, Sawkins and Morris in it. Morgan gives you 20 days to prepare (I guess you can be couple of days late, you can't come early though). Also, you are limited to one ship only, so make sure it's the biggest one you can find (preferably 1000+ man - I also had about 300 slaves on the ship for the return just in case all my men ended up dead).
    • When the squadron is ready set sail to Panama. First stage of attack is attack on Puerto Bello - I attacked it from land coming from shores of Mosquito (since shores of Darien were locked - check next couple of stages). After you take the city Morgan approaches you and tells you he talked to governor and that Spanish know about your plans to attack the Panama - he also mentions that he suspects Sawkins selling you out and that it would be nice if he didn't make it to Panama - so he wants you to split your teams - you and Sawkins will go from shores of Darien, while Jackman, Morris and Morgan will march from Porto Bello towards Panama. He gives you 2 days to get to Panama.
    • Disembark at shores of Darien and talk to Sawkins. He will tell you to lead the attack. (one note: strange thing will happen after you disembark at Darien - Sawkins' ship will disappear from squadron and your men will be reduced to minimum for the ship) Proceed trough the jungle. There are 4 stages of the fight (last one just in front of Panama city gates) - save and reload after every switch, since you want as many men as possible for the last stage, and also - especially in first and second stage - there's possibility that your and Sawkins' men attack eachother, try to avoid that. Let Spaniards kill Sawkins, but you must avoid that since Sawkins' men will attack you.
    • After you kill the last of the spanish solders in front of Panama gate, Morgan will approach you and tell you to go in the city, talk to governor and find the treasure. In governor's palace, governor is in the back room, and tells you that money is in that same room, but the key to the chest where money's at is somewhere in the fort. Go outside of the palace, and talk to Morgan. Go to fort - key is on the desk in the prision. Return to the governor's palace, open the chest and take the money (50 million piasters). After that talk to Morgan, he will tell you to give him the money and to go and get the rest from a chest just outside the fort (there actually is a chest there, but it's one of the "normal" chests filled with junk - Morgan tricks you). You can either go and find that chest or just leave the city and return back right away. After you get back to the city a pirate approaches you, telling you that Morgan is gone with all the cash and that you should leave as soon as possible because none of the pirates trust you anymore. Leave the city and get back to the shores of Darien (I had one more fight with spanish solders on my way back, so be careful because I'm not sure whether this is a part of the quest or not - might be a good idea to recruit all those slaves to your crew right after leaving Panama city).
    • After Panama Morgan leaves for Europe - his secretary tells you he went to London and he'll be back in a year, Morris and Jackman are gone and Sawkins is dead. After about a month Jackman returns to his residence in Bermuda but claims that he's withdrawn from pirating. Also, until Morgan returns Governor-Generals consider that you still work for the Brotherhood of the Coast, so you can't take over and give them cities (at least I think so), but after Panama you gain the ability to take over cities and keep them for yourself - placing one of your officers as governor.
    • After about 11 months Morgan returns. He says that he voluntarily disbanded Brotherhood with the attack on Panama, and by bringing booty to London he bought forgiveness for all pirates. Brotherhood doesn't exist anymore and there's no Admiral and there will be no more future Admirals.

This closes the pirate quest-line

At this point, if you buy a letter of marque after this point it will be valid and accepted by its Governor General, but does not assign missions and says to act independently in the interests of the nation and considers you as though you had concluded that the national quest-line.With the possession of a valid letter, you also can transfer to any nation colonies that you conquered as a pirate.

Based on original from Skodarap's CoAS Site (used with permission). Original is here .