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This walkthrough is for the beginning of the game when you play as Peter Blood. If this is your first time playing the game, you will find that some controls are not self-evident and you may need some guidance figuring things out (more so than other games you may have played). Referring to the game manual before you begin is recommended in these cases.

TIP: To pick up items, watch for the hand icon to appear on your screen when you're close to the item, then press the 'ENTER' key to toggle the action menu then press 'ENTER' again when you've got the hand icon selected. Alternatively, the easiest way is to press the space bar when the hand icon appears - this works for opening chests or containers as well as speaking to NPCs. To equip items, press 'F2' to bring up the character info, then switch to the items tab.  Once you've equipped your weapons, you can enter combat mode (after leaving the inventory screen) by pressing the 'E' key to unsheathe (or sheathe) your weapon.


The prologue in England is fairly straightforward. Talk to Jeremy Pitt and the Butler, then go upstairs to the left, enter the room, and walk towards the bed. You will be teleported into another room, talk to the butler, then Pitt, then exit back to the hall. If you want, you can pick up a key from the table immediately on your left, go upstairs and get a sword, a gun, and some bullets from the chest on the balcony. Either way, moments later, some soldiers arrive and after a brief chat with the captain one of them attacks you. You can fight but there's not much of a point, if you kill the soldier, two more are going to attack you. If you manage to kill them too, the captain attacks and he is invulnerable, so you're going to lose no matter what you do.

Day One[]

After a brief conversation with Jeremy Pitt, head outside and wait a moment for Colonel Bishop to engage you. He'll send you to the Governor's Residence to aid the Governor's wife. Find your way from the plantation a short distance to town. The Governor's Residence will be ahead on the right - you can't miss it. The guard outside will engage you. Speak to him then go inside. Speak to the Governor and he will send you upstairs to see his wife. After speaking to the Governor's wife, head back down and speak to the Governor again. Ask for 2500 pieces of eight for medicine. It will come in handy soon. Head outside the Residence through the front and turn to the right. The doctor's house is the first house past the Governor's Residence on the right. Enter it. The medicine is on a table upstairs. Loot it then leave the house when you're done. Wait a moment and Mr. Dan will engage you. Tell him you were about to leave - don't mention taking the medicine already and he'll give you another one which you can use soon. Return to the Governor's wife and give her the medicine. Time will move forward to the next morning.

Day Two[]

You will be teleported to the tavern. Talk to the barkeeper and ask him about doctor Whacker, then go to the tavern back room. You learn that doctor Whacker and his colleague doctor Dan are willing to supply you with enough money to buy a small ship and escape. Head back to the plantation and talk to pretty boy Pitt.

Now you need to convince three of your slavemates to join you. Two of them are walking around, while the third is in a small house with a forge next to it. They're fairly easy to spot due to their distinct appearance: Dyke wears a brown vest and a beret, Hagthorpe wears dark blue and a tall hat. Talk to each of them.

Headache slave[]

A slave with a spotted red cloth tied around his head will ask you to get him some migrane medicine. Lucky for him you already have a vial on you, which he will trade you for a dagger that the guards won't find and confiscate as long as you don't wave it around.

Junior officer Nicholas Dyke[]

Dyke has lost hope because Bishop is about to sell him. Talk to Bishop before you leave the plantation to learn the name of the man who wants to buy Dyke, a certain Weston. Talk to one of the drunks in the pub, you find out a merchant, likely Weston, has rented a house in the town. The house you're looking for is the first one on the right as you exit the tavern, past the moneylender. Do not attack Weston, he's invulnerable, instead wait for him to turn his back or go upstairs and loot the chest.

Hagthorpe's quandary[]

Hagthorpe will want you to kill a man who ruined his life. You can talk him out of it, but if you want an extra 1k in cash, agree to do the deed. The man you agreed to kill is one Stewart Winterwood, you can find him either drinking in the tavern or enjoying himself in the brothel's upstairs room. Talk to him and challenge him to a duel, which is to be held in one hour outside the city gates. In the meantime you can take care of other business.

If it's already been an hour, save your game and head out of the city gates (NOT back to the plantation, the other way). You will be approached by Winterwood and given a weapon. After you kill him, you can collect 1k in cash from his corpse and some bullets, which will come in handy later. He will also drop his sword and gun, but you might as well leave those since a guard will take them, along with the sword you've been given for the duel, as soon as you return to the city anyway.

The one-eyed gunner[]

Do Dyke's quest first, then go to the moneylender and use the money you 'found' in Weston's chest to pay off Ogle's debt. That's it, quest done.

Arms of freedom[]

You're going to need weapons for your escape attempt. Two ways to do this: The weaponsmith or the smuggler.

Note: If you have conned the governor and/or have some money on you and want to make the most profit possible, do NOT talk to the barkeeper about procuring weapons. Doing so alters the quest, allowing you to finish it without fighting but at the cost of money.


For the weaponsmith way, head over to the weaponsmith's house, which is the second house to the left of doctor Dan's house (third to the left of the governor's mansion). Talk to the weaponsmith, then exit the house. A Spaniard will approach you; it doesn't matter what you say to him, he will go to the weaponsmith's house either way. Talk to a guard, then wait a few moments for a logbook update. Head back into the house and loot a sword from the slain guard. Save your game and enter the first room. Kill the Spaniard and talk to the weaponsmith, he will be more helpful this time. When you exit the house you will be approached by a guard demanding that you turn over your weapon. You may safely do so, he only takes the equippable weapon you've looted off the dead guard. The bundle of sabers and cutlasses that the weaponsmith gave you is apparently invisible.

If you paid the barkeeper for information on how to acquire weapons, the first conversation with the weaponsmith will go differently. The Spaniard had already been there and stolen some of the weaponsmith's display weapons; you need to get them back. Head over to the fisherman's house (first house on the left, between the weaponsmith's house and doctor Dan's house). The Spaniard is already dead, so all you have to do is collect the weapons from his corpse and deliver them to the weaponsmith. He will agree to provide you with several unmarked weapons, for a price.


You can find one Miles Raymers in the pub, who will supply you with what you need if you can get him a ring from the governor's residence.

  • Head back to Docter Dan's house
  • Talk to him to get another migrane potion
  • Head to the residence and talk to either one of the guards
  • Head in and talk to the mayor
  • Now head in don't head up stairs. His wife is right there near the table with the ring lying there
  • She will talk to you and thank you for your help
  • Keep on going with the conversation until you say you will find the person of the ring
  • Take the ring and head back to the Smuggler
  • Give him the ring, choose either option
  • Now he will give you 3000 and the weapons bundle

Having taken care of all the business, you can now return to the plantation and talk to all three of the slaves, then to Pitt.

Day Three[]

It's tomorrow morning. Head back to the tavern again and speak to Whacker in the back room. Contrary to his promises, he is only able to provide you with 18k, which is 7k short to buy a sloop. You will need to get the rest of the money elsewhere. You may find Nattal (white shirt) drinking in the pub, whom you're going to use as a middleman to purchase the ship. If he's not there, he's wandering around outside and you'll need to tell him to wait for you in the pub.

The fallen pirate[]

In the store you will meet captain Jacques Swallow, who's in the market, as it were, and needs transportation off this rock. Speak to the shipyard owner and tell him Jacques Swallow needs a little help. He will direct you to a captain who might be able to take Jacques, you will find him wandering outside. Talk to him and this time don't use Swallow's real name. Collect your reward from Swallow in the tavern.

The fish place[]

Go to the fisherman's house, he needs you to find out where his competitor has been getting all those fish. You will find the man in the tavern, he will reveal his fishing spot if you treat him to a drink and then wait for him to tell you (don't pressure him, choose the "..." dialog option). Collect your reward from the fisherman.

The anonymous debtor[]

The moneylender needs some help tracking down a con man. The tavern keeper will tell you where to find him, for a price. Head over to the shipyard, the con man will be there. Here you have a choice, you can choose the third dialog option to get him to repay what he owes (30k), or you can con him in turn with the second one, netting you 55k for a slight drop in reputation. Either way you have a second choice to make as well: You can go and return the 30k to the usurer, minus ten percent that you keep as your reward, or you can simply keep it all, in which case you get a 25k bounty on your head from England later.

Note: This quest is bugged, even if you choose to keep the money, it will be taken from you next time you talk to this moneylender. 27k can be a big help in the beginning, though, while later you'll have more money than you'll know what to do with. You should have more than enough by now, so find Nattal in the pub. Note that this is a point of no return, so if you have any loose ends you wish to tie up, you should do so now, before you give him the money. When you have done so and leave the pub you will be stopped by a guard, who will order you to return to the plantation. On your way there you will meet Hagthorpe, who will inform you that Pitt has been captured; you will have to set him free while the others make their way to the shipyard.

Third night[]

The game again advances time for you, it is dark now. You can use the dagger you obtained from the headache slave to kill the guards or you can try and sneak between them, either way make your way towards the far end of the plantation. You will find a chest there between stacks of planks with a saber in it. Pitt is over by Bishop's house, guarded by two soldiers. You can kill them easily one at a time by luring them into the narrow passage between the stacks of planks, or you can just show yourself to them and run away until they give up the pursuit - they won't return to their posts but instead start patrolling like the other guards, allowing you to slip back in and talk to Pitt. Either way, once you have done so head back to the city gate. Save your game and enter the city. A woman approaches, running from a Spaniard. After you kill him, the woman reveals that on top of everything the town has been attacked by a Spanish warship. Don't forget to loot the corpse, you will find a rather good saber, a pistol, and more bullets. Your objective is to get to the shipyard, but there are a lot of Spaniards in your way. The good news is that they don't respawn, so you can lure them to the gate one by one and kill them. Once you make your way to the shipyard, you will discover that the door is locked. You will need to enter the water and swim around the back, into the dry dock. Once in, your buddies will talk to you and start following you. Swim over to the ship, save your game, and go up the conveniently placed ramp. Make sure Ogle, the one-eyed guy, doesn't get killed, he'll come in handy later. Haghtorpe and Dyke will chicken out on you anyway, so you need not concern yourself with their safety too much.

Once all the Spaniards on the deck are dead, save your game and enter the captain's cabin. You need to be fast, draw your sword and IMMEDIATELY run towards the captain. If you hesitate, he's just going to pull out his pistol and with all probability kill you in a single shot. Unlike Winterwood and the Spaniard in town he does not always drop all his stuff, but he does have a chance of dropping a better pistol than you have, so if you don't mind savescumming, now is the time; you need to save before you kill him, as corpses aren't saved and will not be there if you reload. Don't forget to loot the chests and cabinets, too.

Once you exit the cabin, you will be greeted by Pitt, then talk to the officers. Ogle will join you, the other two will not. This right here is another good savescumming opportunity, as the ship stats are randomly generated when it is added into your ship list, which happens when Pitt talks to you. If you save right before he initiates conversation, you can reload until you get a ship that you like. Go into the character screen and assign Pitt and Ogle as navigator and gunner. Save your game and head back into the cabin.

TIP: The Frigate Cinco Liagas is a nice Frigate. If you plan to get a lot of use out of it later, you may want to reload a few times until you get one with optimal stats. If so, you should make a quick save when Pitt comes running up to you after you exit the cabin of the ship right after killing the Spanish captain. After exiting the dialog with Pitt, hit F2 to check the stats. Hit F9 to reload and try again until you get one you're happy with.

Modder Tip: Even though the Cinco Liagas always spawn with 32lb cannons installed, it sometimes spawns with lower max caliber guns. I consider this a bug so I added the following code to ensure it always spawns with 32 lbs as max caliber rating:

...\Program\scripts\ShipUtilites.c  (on line 66:)


if (iCaliber > 3) iCaliber = 3;


if (iCaliber > 3) iCaliber = 3;
if (rRealShip.BaseName == "ArabellaShip") iCaliber = 3;

The Escape[]

You are now in sailing mode and all you have to do to regain your freedom is lose the two luggers that have just teleported in. The problem is that you have a huge ship with a minimal crew, so you don't have much of a chance in a boarding battle and reloading the guns takes awfully long. My recommendation is to use the two broadsides that you have to shred their sails and make a run for it. If you found a spyglass along the way, you can use it to find out the enemy ships' distance and speed; you need to be at least 850 meters away from the nearest enemy ship to be allowed to switch to the map.

Contrary to what doctor Whacker told you, do NOT go to Curacao - the Dutch are at war with England and will shoot at you on sight. The nearest friendly port is the French colony of Fort de France in Martinique; alternately, you can go to an English colony if you don't have a price on your head and haven't killed enough soldiers to lower your relation with England to "hostile". In fact, as soon as you lose the 2 ships chasing you, you can return peacefully to Barbados if you like.

This concludes your opening quest, from now on you are a free man and can do as you wish.


  • You will notice your officers and crew demand ridiculous salaries. This is because the ship is too large for your navigator to handle (class 2 requires at least 80 navigation skill, Pitt has 50), which imposes penalties on your stats, which impact your skills, which in turn determine the prices you pay for stuff, as well as the effectiveness of pretty much everything else you do.
  • For the same reason, you won't be able to sell the frigate for a decent price or indeed do much of anything else while you're in command of it. You can work around this by buying a tartane as a second ship (~1k), then switching to it. Commanding a large ship gives you stat penalties, having it follow you around does not (it gives them to its skipper, but who cares). That you should do no matter what you decide to do next.
  • The frigate is unique in the game, having better stats and a distinct appearance. If you sell it or lose it, it's gone forever. I would therefore recommend putting it in storage, which you can do at the port controller for about 20-40k. Note that you will need to leave an officer in charge of it; I would recommend hiring some bum for the task and keeping Pitt and Ogle around.
  • Once you get rid of the stat penalties, you can sell the frigate, should you choose to do so, for about 70k. Vanilla game only: Don't forget to remove the guns and sell them separately first, since they are not counted in the ship's price - a ship with guns sells for exactly as much as a ship without, so selling them separately earns you more money. That you should also do regardless of whether you decide to keep the ship or not. The money you get for the guns will come in handy early on, while by the time you come back for the ship you will have more than enough to buy new ones.
  • If you have a bounty on your head or a hostile relation to a nation, you can go to any pirate settlement and find a diplomat in the pub there. He will clear up those little misunderstandings for you, for a price, as well as provide you with trading licences and privateer patents.

Based on original from Skodarap's CoAS Site (used with permission). Original is here .