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Here are the complete walkthroughs for the National Quest-lines; the quests you can get from the Governor-General of each nation after you gain a Letter of Marque (also called a patent) for a specific nation.

It is recommended to start nation quests before you start Henry Morgan's Pirate Quest-line, since you won't be able to do Nation Quests otherwise. The Pirate Quest-line does not require any letter of marques, and can be started at any time.

To get the Letter of Marque for a specific nation, you can either complete quests for Governors or Priests in the colonies of the specific nation you wish to get one - for example, if you want a French Letter of Marque, then simply do the Governor's or Priest's quests in French cities until your reputation within that nation reaches "Admiration". Once your reputation has reached that level, you need to make sure that you've done a lot of quests for the Governor you're hoping to get the Letter of Marque from - Admiration alone isn't enough. After you've done enough quests for a specific governor, he will offer you a chance to work for the nation by giving you a Letter of Marque (simply keep choosing the option to "work for the glory of the country". If you've done enough quests for him, he will eventually offer you the Letter). This route can take quite some time to achieve, as reputation increases slowly and the governor's quests can sometimes be a hassle. Alternatively, the fastest way is to simply buy the Letter of Marque from a Diplomat in pirate colony taverns like La Vega, La Françios, Puerto Principe, and Bermuda. Note however that this will cost quite a bit of gold.

Finally, note that after you complete a Nation's quest line, several things will happen:

  • Nation alliances will start to change periodically and randomly - for example, England can suddenly declare war on France, or Spain can suddenly be neutral with England.
  • You will now also be able to capture colonies and unite them under your chosen Nation's banner, netting you a slight reputation boost and changing the colony to your nation's.
  • You can decide to claim a colony for your own instead of giving it to your chosen nation, but it will reduce both your personal reputation and your relations with the raided colony's nation. The pirate flag will be raised in the colony in this case.
  • The Governor General can periodically shift his location to a random colony owned by the nation.
  • Colonies may suddenly be under a different nation, as they can now be occupied by any invading nation. This is rare, however.

WARNING: Think carefully before you start any nation's quest line! Once you start a nation's quest line, you will no longer be able to start any of the others; you can still get a letter of marque from the other nations or buy them, but you will no longer be able to get any missions from the Governor-Generals, since he will simply tell you that he knows you've been moonlighting with the other nation.

Also, as a final note, since I have only played through the French Quest Line, I have only edited the French Quest Line section and thus can only vouch for its completeness and not the others. The other quest lines were written a long time ago by other authors (back in 2013) and although I have left them intact, they may be riddled with errors and other stuff such as lack of detailed explanations. This section, and the Random Quests section, are the only ones which I have not touched on, compared to the rest of the wiki, which has been thoroughly edited to ensure completeness (as of October 2016). This may be updated in the future, however.