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Finding a gem[]

When you approach him he immediately asks you if you could help him find a stone (diamond emerald or ruby) that he lost in the jungle. Gem should be somewhere close to the paths, but it really helps if you turn the foliage off. Find it, return it to him and collect the reward.


When you speak with him about some outside assistance, he'll ask you to deliver some chests full of gold to certain someone in some colony. Go to that colony and meet the person he tasked you, and say that you're here to bring his credits. The person will reward you.

If your reputation is Regular Sailor after this quest is completed it'll increase to Trusted Sailor.

Moneylender's Bounty - Collecting a loan repayment[]

Another mission that moneylender sends you to is to collect the money someone owes him in certain colony. Problem is you can't talk to no one about that persons whereabouts, so you have to find him by yourself. When you find this person he'll either pull out a sword at you or give you the money he owes (not sure, maybe there are other solutions, completed this task only twice). Return to moneylender and collect reward.

Based on original from Skodarap's CoAS Site (used with permission). Original is here .