Age of Pirates Wiki
  1. Go to the capital of your Nation and look for Oliver Trust (He might look for you). (Tortuga if French, Curacao if Dutch, Port Royal if English or Havana if Spanish)
  2. Oliver Trust offers you 1,000,000 piasters for killing all the beggars. You can decline or accept his offer - it doesn't matter.
  3. After talking to 3 different beggars about this strange mission (3 beggars in 3 different cities - at least I think it has to be in 3 different ones), the last one will tell you the name of a beggar you should meet (the city where he is is random, so it's different in different games). Remember this location.
  4. Visit this guy and he will tell you his ideas.
  5. Go to Willemstad on Curacao and try to break into General-Governor Stuyvesant's chest. It will be locked.
  6. Visit the tavern and talk to the owner, and he will direct you to the keymaster. You don't actually have to talk to the tavern owner - the keymaster will always be sitting on a chair next to a round table once you enter the tavern.
  7. Pay him (he takes a certain percentage of your wealth so remember to store most of it by the moneylender - you need to have a minimum of 20k piasters on you or he will send you away) and sleep for 2 days. Visit his house in Willemstad and you will learn that he has made the key but betrayed you to the soldiers as well. Kill the soldiers who attempt to take you away.
  8. Search for the key in the keymasters house (it's on the upper floor) and open the chest in the residence with the key's help (take care to wait until the guard moves away before you open the chest).
  9. Show those documents to the beggar you met earlier from step 3. He will tell you a story about an island of justice a certain beggar called Teaser Dan has mentioned.
  10. Go to Willemstad and ask the tavern owner and then Stuyvesant about Dan. Go to a pirate town and meet the diplomat.
  11. Demand from him the location of a member of the Dutch Trading Company. He wants to know a name. Throw "Oliver Trust" at him and then go to Marigo and search for the house where he lives. Have some tea with him + a fencing lesson. Loot him and take the letter on the table. Meet the beggar from step 3 again and he will give you a key. Now you can sail to the "Island of Justice". Keep this Diffindur Key in your inventory.
  12. Warning: You will lose your ship, crew and officers upon entering the City of Abandoned Ships. Once in the city, talking with the Admiral (no way out from this....he will teleport to you 2 days after the storm anyway) will strip you of all your belongings, equipped weapons, money and all. This is why the very first thing you need to do upon entering CoAS is to find the ship Diffindur (a broken have to swim) and stash all your belongings in the chest inside (which can only be opened with the Diffundur's key!). Do not stash money inside - it will disappear, which is why you should never carry your money with you to CoAS. I recommend equipping a cheap weapon and spyglass (so you don't run into issues not being able to remove them later on to stash inside the chest, though it doesn't matter much anyway since the chest will be chock full of weapons) and emptying your pockets before leaving for the City of Abandoned Ships because you will be wanting every bit of inventory space possible to carry out all the loot you can manage when you leave.
  13. The Diffundur chest location is between the 2 broken parts of the Diffundur ship (it is actually quite big), hidden in the water. You will have to enter the part between the 2 broken parts and swim around until a hand appears. Take the letter and store all your stuff inside the chest before talking with the admiral. Money will disappear if stored in the chest.
  14. Buy a shabby ship like a tartane, give your items (except the Diffindur key) to your officers, store your good ships with your officers/items at the port control, give all your money to the moneylender and then you can sail to the "Island of Justice" west of Havana and north of a shore the letter mentions without frustration.
  15. When you reach the position (you will have to roughly gauge the position which is north of the shores of death and west of Havana), drop into sea mode and there may or may not be a storm (depends on installed mods/vanilla game) and there will be an option for you to fast travel to the City of Abandoned Ships (north/south). Fast travel to the CoAS.

This concludes the Kill the Beggars quest and begins the City of Abandoned Ships Questline .

Based on original from Skodarap's CoAS Site (used with permission). Original is here .