Age of Pirates Wiki

These quests are the "main" quests in the game. They are not repeatable like the random quests and generally speaking, if you refuse any of these, you won't have a second chance to start them again. To make it easier to sift through, they have been divided into 2 types: Easy Quests and Hard Quests. The Easy Quests are generally easy and typically fast, but give substantially worse loot than the Hard Quests, which are generally tougher and more challenging, but give great rewards.

Easy Quests[]

  • Peter Blood - the prologue of the game if you choose to play as Peter Blood. This walks you through all the associated quests up until your escape and the real game begins. May take some time to complete.
    • Notable Rewards: Up to 80k gold, and a Class 2 Frigate (with 32 caliber cannons).
  • Kill the Beggars - A prerequisite to doing the City of Abandoned Ships Questline. Fairly fast and simple.
    • Notable Rewards: Progression to City of Abandoned Ships Questline.
  • Austin Quest - a fairly easy starter quest that's most useful if taken early in the game. Note that this quest can be easily failed so make sure you save in multiple slots just in case you do anything wrong like sleeping until midnight and missing the meeting.
    • Notable Rewards: Up to 200k gold, numerous rare items and weapons, and the best medium weapon in the game.
  • Hunting the "Blue Bird" - a fairly easy quest with minor traveling to do. Only useful if completed at the start of the game.
    • Notable Rewards: 50k or 200k gold depending on choices, "Blue Bird" Xebec (unique ship to the vanilla game; not unique to GoF v2.0 mod users)
  • Search for Sharp's Spy - A very short, easy, and good quest to do early in the game.
    • Notable Rewards: Rat God Totem (eliminates rat problems on ship), and Expensive Cuirass (best cuirass in the game).
  • The Double-Barreled Musket - An easy quest that requires some minor traveling and a bit of luck to spot the target in the World Map. Good for starting captains, and recommended to take early so you can meet the target during your travels in the World Map.
    • Notable Rewards: Humphrey Douglas, a good quest officer with decent stats.

Hard Quests[]

  • Tenochtitlan - A very long (without cheats) quest but with very good loot. Unfortunately, it also involves some of the most overpowered and hardest land fights in the game. Well worth the risk, but only recommended for at least level 14 players, or for players with invulnerability (requires completion of the Ascold quest).
    • Notable Rewards: Lots of Macuahuitl (best heavy weapon in the game), Shotgun (best pistol in the game), Sword of Cortés (best light weapon tied with Morgan's Rapier in the game - requires Xipe Totec Totem from Ascold Quest), lots of rare loot, Jade Skull (required for Enchanted City quest and revives one officer from the dead daily). For Vanilla Age of Pirates 2 Users: The totems you have to collect in this quest grant you a bonus to your skills, whereas this bonus has been removed for GoF mod v2.0 users, giving them skill books instead which grant the bonuses too but which can be found anywhere in the world.
  • The Enchanted City - A short (if you're lucky) and simple quest that has great rewards. Requires the completion of the Tenochtitlan quest for the Jade Skull, however - which is why it is placed under Hard Quests.
    • Notable Rewards: "Queen" unique brig (fast and strong), and Danielle Sheppard, the best and only female quest officer you will get in the game. Has 90+ ship skills and luck, making her absolutely invaluable as a ship officer.
  • In the City of Abandoned Ships - You must complete the Kill the Beggars quest before you can do this one. Doing this quest will leave you stranded in the City of Abandoned Ships for quite some time but the rewards are well worth it. It is recommended to do this quest at level 10 or above.
    • Notable Rewards: "Dog of War" Class 3 Corvette (fastest ship in the game), Newtonian telescope (side quest item - best spyglass in the game), Expensive Cuirass (side quest item or rare drop from enemies - best cuirass in the game), several Rat God Totems (eliminates rat problems on ship), 3 Skulls & Atlantic Warrior (side quest item - needed to break contract in Ascold Quest), and John Workman, a very good quest-officer who is 100 in all weapons skills making him a great fighter officer.
  • Ascold Quest - A long quest with very good rewards at its completion. It is recommended to open the vase only after the completion of the City of Abandoned Ships questline, if you plan on taking invulnerability.
    • Notable Rewards: 1 P.I.R.A.T.E.S. attribute, 3 million gold, Invulnerability (can be a huge hassle!), 300 qty of free rum daily by talking to a specific store-owner (useless late game).
  • The Ship of Souls - A technically simple quest, but since it requires you to be able to board or sink a pretty powerful Class 3 ship, this quest's difficulty is generally rated as mid-tier to high-tier. Hence, it is recommended to have good ship skills and a Class 3 or higher ship before attempting this quest.
    • Notable Rewards: "Flying Dutchman" Class 3 Ship - You only receive the ship if you board it. If you sink it, you will receive no rewards.
  • La bella Isabella - A long and unrewarding quest - you only get a wife at the end of this quest, and who can be quite costly to maintain (she never actually leaves you though).
    • Notable Rewards: Isabella as a wife (you can choose to sleep with her every few days)