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Quests you get from Governors in the "Residence" of each settlement (not including pirate settlements).

Finding a spy[]

Governor tells you that a spy has infiltrated the XXX colony and you must find him. There's two possible solutions. First exit the residence and speak to first civilian on the street. If there is a dialogue option that says you're on the mission from governor and you have to find a spy, than spy is wandering around town. So you just have to talk to each citizen until you find the one that has no one to confirm he really is a citizen. He will than go peacefully with you to the residence. After you get to the governor with him and talk to him (governor that is) quest will be completed and you'll get your reward. However, if there's no dialogue option (it's not a BUG!!!) than spy is in one of the houses. So, just go around town, from house to house, until you find it. But in this case, you will have to kill him. After he's dead, return to the governor and collect your reward.

Smugglers problem[]

Governor tells you that there's a problem with goods coming in to town, and city coffers not filling up. Basically, you must find and destroy smugglers. You'll find smuggler sitting in the tavern. Talk to him, arrange a meeting and go there (note - you must have at least 1 unit of something that's illegal in that colony, if you don't have it, just go to the store and buy it - you can buy illegal goods from the store, but you can't sell them). When you get there, kill them (personally I noticed that if you don't mention the fact that governor sent you, you won't get in so much trouble with them - cancel the deal, quit convo, talk with them again, and "react" on provocation, make them attack you). After they are dead return to the governor and collect your reward.

NOTE: If you've done this a couple of times already and smugglers don't want to deal with you, quest can't be completed (as far as I know anyway) unless you're on the islands with pirate colonies. To set things straight with smugglers again, go to any pirate colony, enter tavern and talk to the diplomat. He'll ask you for some cash, but problems with smugglers will be solved instantly and they will deal with you again.


You get a job from governor asking you to eliminate the gang of bandits in the jungle around XXX colony. You have to exit the city, and if you're on the island with more than one colony you should find the gang pretty fast, but if you're on the single colony island, you might have to walk around quite a bit. Also, bare in mind that they change locations, so if you went trough all locations you might have to do it again. Also, you might encounter lots of bandits, but the right one are when in first dialogue you get only "you're the one that xxxx governor is talking about", and also logbook gets updated after you kill them. Return to governor and collect your reward.

Locating a Pirate Ship[]

NOTE: You don't need to exit to map screen. The pirate will appear as a normal merchant, he will not be flying the Jolly Roger (at least not yet).

There are two possibilities here, sometimes he's easy to find, sometimes it takes a bit more work.

  1. Use the "Sail To" menu shortcut to travel to each respective friendly ship in range. He may reveal himself within 2 or 3 seconds (by flying the Jolly Roger and attacking you). If he does this, sink him or board him.
  2. Sometimes he's not so easy to find and you have to actually board his vessel and speak to him. Use the rowboat option after using the sail to for each ship. Note that you may be able to recognize which ship is going to be the pirate by the way the crew are dressed once you get on board. You really must only talk to the pirate captain, so if all the crew on the deck look like merchants, you can move to the next ship. Once he's found you'll have a short fencing match then you'll have to leave the ship and continue in a naval battle.

Keep in mind that you may have to leave the port area - he's always near the island and you can usually get to him by "Sail To" hopping from boat to boat or shore to shore, but on large islands it is possible that you'll need to actually circle the island before you find him.

Defend the city against attack (usually when military ships are attacking the port)[]

When you talk to the governor he'll instantly tell you that Spanish/English/Dutch/French are attacking the city so he has no time to talk with you. You must offer to help if you want to take part in it. After you accept the mission, get out of colony in to sea mode (don't enter map) and with "sail to" try to locate the attacking squadron. You won't be able to quick sail to them, but red arrow on the horizon will help you locate them - sometimes they appear close to the port/fort, but sometimes very far away (in attack on Port-au-Prince I could only spot them at 6000 from lighthouse). Also, bare in mind that attacking ships are usually really big (MOW's, SOTL, Battleships, etc etc - good source of MOW's for Dutch Nation Quest). Quest is over when all attacking ships are sunk, and after you speak with governor you'll get a hefty reward (I think I got in one of those attacks 200,000 piasters) and reputation boost for that nation.

Lost engagement ring[]

When you approach governor, instead of usual start of conversation, he says something like "I know you're regular at local Brothel. I need a little favor and maybe you could help me." Anyway, story is that he lost wedding ring in the brothel, and asks you to go look for it. So you accept mission, go to the brothel. You got time only until midnight, but I think that governor leaves his residence at 9 pm as usual, so you basically have time until than - so don't accept mission if it's late in the day (later than 6pm). Anyway, when you enter brothel speak to the girls. If you're lucky, governor gave the ring to one of the girls and you'll have to buy it off her. If not, just quickly run around the room, maybe hand icon will show up - you can pick it up without problems in that room since there are no chests. If that doesn't help, go speak with madame. If she doesn't know anything about the ring, you might want to examine a chest that's in the corner to her right, near the wall. If it's not there, do a quick run through that room. Nothing yet? Well, you'll have to spend some money on one of the girls to gain access to the private room upstairs (or maybe with madame - that would make things much much easier). Go upstairs, now examine room, but when checking the chests, be careful that girl doesn't see you - just wait until she turns her back, and than take a quick look in the chest (I think it's better to do it before you talk to her, because later she moves around faster, making things a bit harder). Remember to save often in case you get caught stealing. After you find the ring return it to the governor - don't know if he gives you any reward, but hero's reputation will go up quite a bit.

Bring the documents[]

Governor sends you to bring him important papers from some person in different city. Once you get to the desired city check your quest log because governor forget to mention what is the profession of this man. In your log you will have written that this person is a priest or ship builder etc. So go to him, "I'm on other business", get the papers and go back to Governor. Reward is about 10k piasters.

Defend the city against Skeletons (only available during Flying Dutchman quest)[]

You need between 10th and 20th of the month to go to any governor (besides Panama) and to talk with him. He will say the town is under attack and will send you to help. Get out and run to the port. Skeletons will attack and you will have to kill them together with the city guards. After the fight return to the governor to collect the payment for the fight too.

Based on original from Skodarap's CoAS Site (used with permission). Original is here .