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The French Quest Line rewards you (in an unorthodox way at least) with one of the best Class 1 ships in the game: the Soleil Royal. The quests here are deceptively simple and usually involves some challenging fights. The rewards are well worth it though.

A quick note here: If you lose your Letter of Marque for whatever reason (such as entering the City of Abandoned Ships), regaining it and then talking to the Governor General again will reinstate your rank, whatever it was previously.

1) Transport Pierre Lagrange to the shores of Le Marin in Martinique[]

Note: If you're playing the vanilla version of Age of Pirates 2, ignore the mistake stating he's to be transported to Marigot in the game's quest headline. GoF v2.0 mod users will not encounter this problem so ignore this.

Now the crux of this quest is very, very simple. Transport a passenger who's a rich target to an island in Martinique. The problem? That's right - there's going to be an ambush waiting for you the moment you get ashore. So follow the instructions below and you should have a relatively hassle-free mission.

  1. Talk to the Governor General in Tortuga. He will tell you to go to the tavern and speak to Pierre Lagrange, so do so. He's the one in blue sitting at the round table.
  2. Make sure you have a few fighters with you to serve as meat shields, if nothing else. You will encounter 6 thugs later so make sure you're ready for a fight.
  3. Sail to Martinique, to the shores of Le Marin. Save before you go ashore!
  4. Upon mooring, you will be ambushed by 6 thugs. Kill them all.
  5. If Pierre dies, loot his body for 1,000,000 gold and a handful of other items. Then go back and talk to the Governor General and he will ask you to pay him 1,200,000 gold or else he won't talk to you. You have no choice but to agree. Quest ends here.
  6. If Pierre survives, he will give you a reward of 20,000 gold. Your mission is complete so head back to the Governor General.

2) From d'Ogeron to Curaçao[]

Another deceptively simple quest. Now, two things to note here: first, make sure you are high enough level and have a good enough ship to take on a Galleon (Class 4), or you will run into a lot of frustration later on. Second, once you receive this quest, head to Willemstad in Curaçao, then deposit all your money to the moneylender in Willemstad before you visit the Dutch Governor General. The reason is because he will not believe you were sent by the French and instead accuses you of being a pirate spy, throwing you in jail.

Once you're thrown in prison, a guy will visit you and offer to help you in exchange for "a few coins". In reality, he takes 50% of the gold you're carrying so make sure you stashed all that gold with the moneylender so he doesn't take anything. Anyway, after a black screen showing "One Day Later...", you're freed from prison! Now don't head to Tortuga just yet; instead, save first in a separate file just in case, then go to your ship and moor at Palm Shore, then from there, head to Willemstad's tavern and talk to all the patrons of the tavern. One pair of patrons will mention something about "Palm Shore" and then quickly leave the tavern after you interrupt them.

Exit the tavern and follow them into the jungle, all the way to Palm Shore. Once you finally reach Palm Shore, approach them and they will reveal that they're actually Spaniards waiting for their Galleon to drop anchor at Palm Shore. Kill them both, then return to your ship and sail to the Galleon which is at Palm Shore. Preferably, you have moored somewhere close to Palm Shore (or have taken my advice) or you'll have to sail your ship manually there without dropping into the world map, or else the Galleon will disappear.

Now board or sink the Galleon (boarding is preferable), then head back to Governor General Stuvesant and report to him the good news. He will reward you with 20,000 gold. Now grab your money back from the moneylender, then head back to Tortuga and speak to your Governor General and the quest is complete.

PROMOTION: After this mission, you will be promoted to Lieutenant by His Most Christian Majesty Louis XIV.

3) Shipping Doña Anna to Tortuga[]

Note: Before beginning this quest, make sure you have the "Spanish Flag" ship ability or you will not be able to make use of the free 60-day Spanish trade license he gives you. The timer starts immediately when you take the quest. Also, you will lose the trade license at the end of the quest, so you may want to utilize the time as much as possible.

Talk to the Governor General and he'll give you your third mission: to "rescue" his love-interest, the wife of the Spanish commandant of Havana!

  • Go to Havana under the Spanish Flag, then talk to the tavern waitress. You will have to pay her 500 gold initially and another 500 to deliver the ring to the commandant's wife.
  • Sleep for 2 days, then talk to the waitress again. She will give you a note from Doña Anna.
  • Sleep until midnight, then save and enter the Havana Commandant's Residence (next to the moneylender).
  • When you enter, he tells you that he found d'Ogeron's ring among her possessions and knows everything. He will treat you to a meal - a meal of steel. Kill him and his bodyguards. The stairs is a particularly good choke point to prevent being surrounded. Also, if you're lucky, the desk will sometimes contain a skill book.
  • Go upstairs and into the bedroom and you'll find Doña Anna. Speak to her and she'll follow you.
  • Head outside and if the guards spot you, they'll attack. Sneak past them if you can and head back to your ship. If she dies, the quest can never be completed.
  • If your ship is moored in port, then as soon as you enter into sea mode the fort will fire upon you. Make haste and escape. Luckily, there are no Spanish ships to block your path so this is easy.
  • Head back to Tortuga and talk to D'Ogeron to end the quest with a reward of 25,000 gold. Your Spanish trade license will be removed from your inventory. Note: The game will always consume one Spanish trade license at the completion of this quest, regardless of whether you bought a new one or not!

WARNING: After completing this quest, the waitress in Havana's tavern will always rat you out when you enter the tavern, causing Spanish guards to appear and putting you in hostile mode with the colony.

4) A Royal Escort to Guadeloupe[]

Talk to the Governor General and he will tell you about a ship-of-the-line specially ordered from France to come help the french colonies in the Caribbean. This ship is the Soleil Royal, a powerful Class 1 man-o-war with 112 48lb cannons. Unfortunately, you won't be able to commandeer it yet - the mission is simply to escort it to Dominica.

  • Now you must store all your ships with the Port Controller, or sell them in order to proceed.
  • Talk to the port controller and he will assign the Soleil Royal to you. It is recommended you have your crew filled to the max for the fight later on.
  • Now there are a few points to note here: you will have to pay the Soleil Royal's crew fees and make sure they have enough food, medicines, etc to survive the journey. Also, the Soleil Royal must not be captured or destroyed by enemies or you will fail the quest.
  • Head to Dominique (Dominica), and before entering into sea mode, save.
  • As soon as you drop into sea mode, the Spanish fleet will be there waiting to ambush you. There will be a fight against 4 Heavy Galleons (Class 4), so make sure you're prepared!
  • After defeating the Spaniards, sail to Basse-Terre at Guadeloupe and talk to the Govenor. He will relieve you of the Soleil Royal's command.
  • Sail back to Tortuga and talk with the Governor General. He will reward you with 28,000 gold and the quest will end.

5) The Doña Anna Affair[]

After the big ruckus back in Havana, apparently the Spanish want to hurt poor Doña Anna. It is now your task to go to Havana and find out what the Spanish are planning. This quest, unlike the others, is really extremely simple.

  • Talk to the Governor General and meet with Doña Anna, who is in the room next to the Governor General.
  • Get a Spanish trading license from a diplomat in one of the pirate colony taverns, make sure you have the Spanish Flag hoisted, then head to Havana. Do not visit the tavern at any cost.
  • Look to the left of the port upon mooring - there are two houses of the same stucco color. Go inside the second house named "Ines de Las Sierra's Residence".
  • Ines will tell you that Doña Anna is in mortal danger, and that the relatives of the commandant are out seeking revenge. She will also mention that they went into the jungle to seek the help of smugglers to ferry them into Tortuga undetected.
  • Exit the city into the jungle, then turn right into Havana's Lighthouse. You can find the identical twins there. Save before speaking to them just in case, then gut the 2 fools.
  • Go back to Havana and talk to Ines de Las Sierra, then sail to Tortuga and talk to the Governor General. He will reward you with 5000 gold and the quest ends. You can also speak to Doña Anna afterwards and she'll thank you for saving her life.

6) A Letter for François I'Olonnais[]

This can be a very, very simple quest, or it can be a tough one - depending on whether you accept the raid or not. In my opinion, the raid is not worth the trouble for a measly 200,000 gold.

  • Head to Basse-Terre in Guadeloupe. Upon nearing Guadeloupe, save before you drop to sea mode.
  • Upon dropping into sea mode, you'll be warmly greeted with a cannon broadside salute by a lone Spanish Warship. Sink it or board it - and yes this isn't a coincidence.
  • Moor, then from the port, walk towards the Governor's Residence in front of you and then turn right before the Governor's Residence. Keep walking and before you reach the wooden stairs, turn right again and you'll see a house named Francois Lolonois' Residence. Enter it.
  • Save in a separate slot before talking to him, because he will offer you two paths and you can't back out of the conversation to think about it.
  • He will offer a raid on Cumana. You can refuse or accept.

Accepting the Raid:

  • He won't want to share the loot with your other officers, so you'll have to leave your other ships at the port controller.
  • Load up on weapons and medicines since he'll use yours instead of his own during the invasion. Make sure to have plenty of health potions handy and Allied Troop Landing as well.
  • Now sail to Cumana and engage the fort. Make haste - if you're too slow, you'll never get the 200,000. You might want to save in a separate slot before heading to Cumana, just in case.
  • Now save before landing on the fort, and eliminate all resistance. Invade the town, and then enter the Governor's residence, killing the guards inside as well.
  • Now talk to the Governor and if you took too long to invade the city, you'll get nothing. In this case, go outside and talk to François I'Olonnais and he'll blame you for being too slow, challenging you to a duel. Kill him.
  • If you were quick, then the Governor will tell you that the money is in the other room, to the left of the stairs where you first entered. Enter the room and collect the 200,000 gold inside the chest, along with any other loot. When you're done, head outside.
  • Now talk to François I'Olonnais and he will ask you to split the share with him. If you accept, you will receive 50,000 gold and part ways peacefully. If you refuse, you will have to fight him and the other two captains. Kill them all, loot their bodies, and walk away with the 200,000 gold in hand.
  • Whichever way you choose, head back to Tortuga and speak to the Governor General. If you killed François I'Olonnais to keep the money or because you were too slow, you gain no reputation reward. Otherwise, if he survives, you gain a reputation bonus as your reward and the quest ends.

Refuse the Raid:

  • He pays you 10,000 gold and you can head back to Tortuga to talk to the Governor General. The quest ends here.

7) Breaking Rock[]

This quest has a slight error in its logbook description. Ignore the fact that it says "Havana prison" - you really want to go to Santiago instead. Also, note that you can skip this quest entirely by telling the Governor you failed to find him, but at the cost of quite a bit of reputation and...your promotion.

Anyway, talk to the Governor General, and he will tell you to find Rock the Brazilian. He will hand you a 30-day Spanish Trade License to aid you in this mission.

  • Head to Santiago, and make sure you have the Spanish Flag hoisted.
  • Now go to the church's doorstep in Santiago but don't enter it. Directly underneath the stairs leading upwards to the church is a nice little door, the entrance to the Inquisition. Enter it.
  • Optional: Inside one of the rooms with plenty of beds is the Mayahuel Totem, used in the Tenochtitlan quest. It can be found underneath one of the beds.
  • Now save the game in a separate slot just in case Rock dies. If he dies, the quest will never be completed.
  • Now go inside Rock the Brazilian's cell (which is guarded by a red robed inquisitor) and use the cell doorway as a choke point - keep killing the Spanish Guards and Inquisitors who keep coming after you. When they're all dead, kill the monks in white robes as well, although it isn't really necessary.
  • Talk to Rock the Brazilian and ask him to follow you. When you exit, the guards will become hostile if they spot you. Make sure Rock doesn't die!
  • Of course, when you exit into sea mode, the fort will fire on you. Luckily, there are no Spanish ships to stop you again, so sail away!
  • Head back to Tortuga and talk to the Governor General. He will reward you with 30,000 gold and a reputation boost (and consume your Spanish trade license if you have any). Rock will also tell you that although he doesn't have any money to give you, he does have a special item hidden somewhere in the dungeon of Fort de France waiting for you. You can find the dungeon next to the store.
  • The quest ends here, but if you want to grab the special item Rock left for you, head to Fort de France and enter the dungeon. Hug the right wall (but don't touch the white orb) until you come to a bunch of barrels. From there, you can turn into a small opening behind those barrels and grab the item - an Expensive Cuirass.

PROMOTION: After this mission, you will be promoted to Commander by His Most Christian Majesty Louis XIV.

8) The Disposal of Marquis Bonrepaux[]

This mission is a little different from the others, and a lot more annoying. This time, you will need 250,000 gold on hand and a lot of traveling to complete it so be prepared!

  • Head to Basse-Terre in Guadeloupe, and enter the residence.
  • Talk to the guy in blue uniform on the right. He will tell you to speak to 3 important people and convince them to stay out of the war. When all's said and done, you have to accept his offer. If you refuse, the governor and a whole bunch of guards will attack you. Even if you escape, you'll never be able to complete the quest line.
  • In any case, you have to meet three people: Henry Morgan in Jamaica, Jackman in Bermuda, and John Morris of Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Head for Port of Spain in Trinidad and Tobago first. Upon mooring, enter the port control then leave it, and you'll find John Morris's Residence directly in front of you. Talk with him, and he will send you to find Captain Guay's ship log, which is at Port Royal.
  • Head for Port Royal in Jamaica now, then enter the tavern. Ask the tavern owner about Captain Guay and he will direct you to the room behind him. Enter the room, have a chat with the captain, then kill him and loot the ship log, along with other valuables like the Pink Crystal Skull (used for Ascold Quest) from his body.
  • You're done! Now go to Morgan's Residence in Jamaica. Enter and exit the store, then look to your left. Follow this stretch of road all the way to the end then turn left and walk all the way until you see a brick house with pillars on your left. This house is Morgan's Residence, so enter it.
  • Once you enter it, he may or may not be there. If not, speak to his secretary about where he is. His secretary will mention that he's at his Antigua Residence, and that you'll have to enter the dungeon entrance next to his house if you wish to enter his residence.
  • Go back to Port of Spain first and speak to John Morris to complete the first objective, then head for Saint John's in Antigua. When you reach Antigua, fast travel to the church and exit it. At the bottom of the stairs and a little bit further is a small trapdoor leading to the dungeon. Enter it, and follow the path all the way into a nice little room with a table, then go up the stairs and enter his house.
  • Once you enter his house, speak to him. You'll have to pay him 250,000 gold to get him to stay out of the war.
  • Now that the second objective is finished, sail to Bermuda and talk to Jackman in the residence. Fortunately, he doesn't plan on meddling anyway so the third objective is easily completed.
  • You're all done so set sail for Basse-Terre and talk to Bonrepaux at the residence. He will bestow upon you the title of "Baron", which now shows up beside your name (so for example if you're playing as Peter Blood, you're now Baron Peter Blood).
  • Now sail to Tortuga and talk to the Governor General, whereupon he will congratulate you on your new title and reward you with a reputation boost. The quest ends here - you're a french noble now.

9) Spanish Repulsion in Port-au-Prince[]

WARNING: Make sure you have at least ONE ship slot free BEFORE talking to the Governor General and accepting the quest. As soon as you accept the quest, the Soleil Royal will be transferred into your command and if you have no ship slots, the Soleil Royal will disappear! Also, make sure that you have a bunch of powerful ships and good ship skills because the fight ahead is going to be very, very tough, and you won't have time to prepare after taking the quest!

Finally, we come to the last series of quests, with this being the first - a great ship battle. Speak to the Governor General and you'll be ordered to repulse the attempted Spanish invasion of Port-au-Prince. There is no dialogue option to refuse so be careful before speaking to him.

  • The Soleil Royal will be placed under your command for now, and it is vital you do not lose it. You may want to bring with you at least 3 powerful ships with maxed crew. There is a time limit so save the game in a separate slot just in case.
  • If you do not make it in time to save Port-au-Prince, you will NOT be able to complete any further quests in the French quest line, so make haste!
  • Head to Port-au-Prince. Save before dropping into sea mode, because the moment you drop into sea mode, you will be treated to a cannon volley from a Battleship (Class 1), a Man-o-war (Class 1), a Ship-of-the-Line (Class 2), a Warship (Class 3), and 2 Heavy Galleons (Class 4). Defeat them all. If you have not defeated them all, DO NOT drop back into the World Map - this will count as fleeing and you will fail the mission and lose the Soleil Royal.
  • Once you defeated the last of them without losing the Soleil Royal, your logbook should update with you stating that you have cleared your mission with honors. You can now dock at Port-au-Prince and repair your ships, if needed.
  • Set sail for Tortuga and talk to the Governor General. Despite him saying he will give you 5000 gold, he doesn't actually give you anything. In any case, the quest will end, and the Soleil Royal will still be in your squadron, though you still can't change its captain.

10) Capturing Santo Domingo[]

The second in the series of quests - this time a great fort battle. Make sure to repair your ships and hire as many crew as possible - preferably more than 2500 crew with all your ships combined. Also, the skill "Allied Troop Landing" is invaluable here since you're going to take a fort, and don't forget to stock up on medicines and food on each ship!

  • Now sail to Santo Domingo, and save before going into sea mode. Remember that you still cannot lose the Soleil Royal at all costs! Luckily, there's no time limit for this one.
  • Destroy the fort. The fort has a lot of powerful guns, and is manned by over a thousand men, so it may be difficult, but that's why you prepared over 2500+ men, right?
  • Once the fort is down, land in the city and defeat the guards. Kill everyone who stands in your way, then head to the residence and tell the Governor that the city is now under the property of France.
  • Head back to Tortuga and talk to the Governor General. He will reward you with 40,000 gold and the quest ends.

11) Capturing Santa Catalina[]

The last in the series of quests - this is the endgame - a great fort battle just like the previous quest, except this time it takes place on the Spanish Main. So make sure you're stocked up on at least 2500+ crew, medicines, etc.

  • Sail to Santa Catalina and save before exiting into sea mode.
  • Destroy the pathetic fort and storm the city with your venerable troops. The fort has around 1300 men, more than Santo Domingo, but it shouldn't be any harder.
  • After you cleanse the town of any resistance, enter the residence and talk to the Governor, telling him that Santa Catalina now belongs to the French crown.
  • Sail back to Tortuga and talk to the Governor General to end the quest. You won't receive any gold though.

PROMOTION: After this mission, you will be promoted to Captain by His Most Christian Majesty Louis XIV.

12) Meeting Marquis Bonrepaux[]

At long last, the War of Devolution has ended in favor of the French, and you have played a pivotal role in its success. This is a very simple quest, but it is also the quest that will take away the Soleil Royal from you and we don't want that, do we?

Sail to Basse-Terre in Guadeloupe. Save in a separate slot now because you'll have 3 options.

  1. The "Right" Way to complete the Quest:
    • Go to the residence and speak to Marquis Bonrepaux. He will take the Soleil Royal away from you, but the quest successfully ends with you now having the ability to capture enemy colonies and place them under French rule.
    • The Soleil Royal will still be in port for a month so set sail and you'll see the Soleil Royal just outside the city. Go near it, hoist the Pirate flag, then board it. Note: You may not be able to board it if you're bugged. In this case, reload the save and choose option 3.
  2. The "Exploit" Way to complete the Quest:
    • Go to the Port controller and place the Soleil Royal under Port Control.
    • Now go to the residence and speak to Marquis Bonrepaux. He will not be able to actually take the Soleil Royal away from you since you left it at Port control, so the quest ends with you receiving the same rewards as above, but with the added benefit of having the Soleil Royal under your control.
    • The Soleil Royal is still controlled by the French officer however, and you will not be able to swap ships or replace the officer. At this point, you can leave it as it is or try and let enemies board it then retake it from the enemy. Note: If you're bugged, the Soleil Royal will neither board enemies if commanded to nor allow enemies to board it. In this case, reload the save and choose option 3.
  3. The "Workaround" Way to complete the Quest:
    • Only choose this option if you're somehow bugged and can't use options 1 and 2. This is because this option is a lot more tedious than the first 2 options, requiring the completion of the Ascold Quest. DO NOT talk to Marquis Bonrepaux first if you're doing this option!
    • Do the Ascold Quest here, and make sure to sign the immortality contract with the devil. For players who can't be bothered or who have already chosen not to sign the contract and subsequently completed the quest, simply open the debugger with F11 and give yourself God mode as there is no legit way for you to do this.
    • Now that you have invulnerability, head to Basse-Terre and buy a tartane and make sure you have a good sword and pistol (and their respective skills) along with a bunch of bullets.
    • Now save in a separate slot first then talk to Marquis Bonrepaux and let him take the Soleil Royal from you, completing the quest.
    • Now head out to sea and with your little tartane, sail right next to the Soleil Royal and then hoist the Pirate flag. Note: You may want to leave your other ships at Port Control or order them to sail away, far from the fort so they don't get damaged.
    • Immediately after hoisting the flag, the french fort and the Soleil Royal will turn hostile and attack you. Since you have invulnerability, your ship can't be destroyed. Moments later, the Soleil Royal should board you.
    • Of course, the Soleil Royal has 1500 men while you only have less than 30 men, so the enemies you'll face will have nearly 1000 hp and will swarm you with their overwhelming numbers. Winning is of course impossible under normal circumstances, but since you're invulnerable you can just hit them all with impunity.
    • Kill them all then kill the captain then take over the ship. Congratulations - the Soleil Royal is now yours to do as you wish!