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To do these quests you need an English privateer Patent. You can obtain it by doing several missions for a governor or you can simply buy it from a pirate diplomat (in a pirate town's tavern). The patent grants you the rank of Privateer. If you have it, talk to Governor-General Thomas Modyford in Port Royal.

Note: There's a hidden equipment slot for patents and for a patent to be active it isn't enough to simply have it, it needs to be equipped. It is equipped automatically when you obtain it and cannot normally be unequipped, but there is one situation when it gets unequipped, namely during the first conversation with the Admiral in the City of Abandoned Ships. If you do the COAS quest after obtaining a patent, you will need to re-equip it to be able to receive missions from the governor general.

Based on original from Skodarap's CoAS Site (used with permission).[1]

Escorting Duke Albemarle[]

The first mission is simple enough, in one of the other rooms of the Port Royal residence you will find Duke Albemarle. Talk to him, then sail to whichever port Modyford ordered you to go to. When you arrive, you will be attacked by a Spanish fluyt. Shouldn't be a problem, you can make it even easier by exiting into sailing mode near the fort. Moor your ship and go to the residence, you will receive a letter. Deliver it back to Modyford.

Curacao: A Violent Induction of Celebrity Pirates[]

Modyford asks you to convince four pirates to attack Curacao. You need to talk to Edward Mansfield in La Vega, Jackman in Bermuda, Henry Morgan in Antigua, and John Moris in Trinidad. You have to use the underground passage via the dungeon to get to Morgan's residence. All four of the pirates will refuse, so return to Modyford to successfully fail this mission. If you talk to the Governor General after this mission, you will be promoted to Commander. ('check the notes on the bottom)

Intelligence in Curacao[]

Modyford will ask you to enter Willemstad and find out as much information about what's going on there as possible, to aid you in this task he provides you with a 20 day trading licence. Go there, talk to the bartender, then to the moneylender. You'll need to bribe him with 100k, then he'll reveal that the information you need is on a brig that's about to leave the harbor. Go to your ship, board the brig (it's right in the harbor, don't go to map mode), loot the secret dispatch from the chest in the cabin, and deliver it to Modyford. You will get your 100k back and a small bonus. (Your character indicates in his journal that he should talk to the "gutter trash". This probably means the homeless guys, but I haven't been able to find one in Willemstad during this mission.)

Orange Assault[]

Modyford will ask you to assault the Dutch settlement Fort Orange in Jamaica. You can either trek there through the jungle or sail to Cape Negril, preferably with a bunch of ships and the Allied Troop Landing perk. You fight a bunch of Dutch soldiers at the gates, then a few more in the streets, then finally the commandant himself in his office. Return to Port Royal for a pat on the back.

Morris Williams, Frigate Skipper[]

You are to meet one Morris Williams, a privateer who seeks to sell his booty, and deliver Modyford's permission for him to do so in Port Royal. His ship, the frigate Favorite, is waiting in the harbor, so sail to it, row over, talk to Williams, and report back to Modyford for 5000 in cold hard cash... but of course it's not so simple.

  • As soon as you leave the residence, you will be stopped by a crewman from the Favorite and told to go see Williams in the tavern. There you learn that Modyford has had the cargo confiscated and returned to the Spanish. Back to the governor again, he thinks returning the goods will help diplomatic efforts with the Spanish.
  • Talk to Williams again, he needs the cargo to pay his debts - the simplest solution is to tell him to sod off, ending the quest immediately and decreasing your reputation to zero. You can also give him 140,000 to pay his debt, increasing your reputation and also ending the quest. And lastly you can go get the cargo back. For that you talk to the port controller to find out where the ship went and go after it - it went to San Juan, so exit near the island (but far enough from the fort) and board the ship. On it you will find 140,000 in cash in the cabin chest but no cargo.
  • Returning the money ends the quest and nets you a hint about where to find an Expensive Cuirass (which is NOT noted in your logbook - it's the Shores of Death, in the northern part of the mainland). You'll have to fight a horde of skeletons and loot it off one of them, and as usual in such situations your fighters that you hired precisely so that you wouldn't have to face overwhelming odds like this alone are nowhere to be found. Witholding the gold decreases your reputation and also ends the quest.
  • If you return without the gold, you can again tell Williams to sod off or promise to try and find a way to help him. If you do, a Favorite crewman will again stop you as soon as you step out of the tavern and inform you that Williams has been arrested. Go to the fort and talk to the warden, then go see Modyford again, then the moneylender. He's uncooperative, so talk to the priest, then to one Gillian Atterbury. She wants you to find her husband. You'll find him in the grotto, along with three smugglers whom you're going to have to kill. Speaking to the moneylender concludes the quest.

Celebrity Pirate Booty Hunt[]

Modyford's bright idea to confiscate William's plunder has come around to bite him on the keister, English corsairs now don't come to Port Royal to sell their loot, costing the crown significant amounts in tax money, and instead hide their plunder in secluded spots around the Caribbean. His idea of a solution is equally brilliant - you are to find the pirate treasures, steal them, and bring them to Port Royal. 2100 gold ingots in all. Boy oh boy...

  • There are seven locations in total, with several hundred ingots each. I recommend you take officers with you to help you carry the damn things, Workman from COAS in particular can carry 260 units of weight with his 10 strength. The chests also contain an assortment of trinkets, some of them very rare; unlike regular treasure found with maps, looting the chests does NOT spawn skeletons.
    • Cartagena: 300 ingots in a cave. From Cartagena, left, left.
    • Trinidad: 450 ingots in a grotto. From Port of Spain, straight, left. CHEST CONTAINS RAT GOD TOTEM.
    • Turks: 250 ingots in the only grotto on the island. Right from North Shore, left from South Shore.
    • Dominica: 150 ingots, another tiny island. Left from Scot's Head, right from Castle Brus.
    • Cayman Island: 350 ingots in a grotto on a third tiny island. Left from Esmeralda, right from Deserted Beach.
    • Cuba: 350 ingots in a grotto. From Havana, straight, left, left, left.
    • Guadelupe: 250 ingots in a cave. From Basse-Terre, left, right, left.
  • ​​The really annoying part comes when it's time to deliver the gold to Modyford. Since Seaward didn't see fit to write a script to take the gold from the chest on your ship or a way to make your crew do the delivery, you're going to have to go back and forth between the port and the residence and carry it yourself. Once you deliver all the gold you will receive 70,000 as a reward.

To Edward Mansfield, for Gold[]

Modyford's hunger for gold seems insatiable, you are to go to Edward Mansfield in La Vega and fetch some more gold ingots from him. But as usual it's not that simple - the town had been raided. You'll find a survivor in the tavern, he'll inform you Mansfield is dead and the gold is on the Spanish galleons that attacked the town, now on their way back to Santiago. You'll need to give chase, if you exit into sailing mode near Cuba one of the ships will be nearby. You will find a letter in the captain's chest, but the gold is nowhere to be found. Bring the letter to Modyford. He'll ask you to come back in ten days for another mission. Talking to Modyford again after this mission earns you a promotion to Captain.

Attacking Santiago[]

The attack on La Vega was instigated by the governor of Santiago, one Jose Sanches Jimenez. You are to raid the city and capture the governor. Fight your way to the residence and confront Jimenez, then head back to your ship (you can bypass the fort by landing at the lighthouse, treking through the jungle to the gates, and using the "speak to self" action to launch the attack). As soon as you enter sailing mode, a bunch of Spanish ships will spawn and attack you - a frigate, two heavy galleons, and a battleship. Deal with them, in the battleship's cabin you'll find some 800,000 in cash. Return to Modyford for a pat on the back, then go see Morgan - you will receive Morgan's rapier, the best light weapon in the game.

Spanish Squadron at Port Royal[]

The Spanish have sent a punitive squadron to raid Port Royal, you must defend the city. When you enter sailing mode, there will be seven class 1 ships attacking the fort. Don't try to sit this one out, the Port Royal fort is very strong, but there are simply too many ships. Once you deal with them, talk to Modyford again. Despite his bragging that he pays his military captains well he will only give you a measly 80,000 - and to add insult to injury the Spanish ships don't even sell for much if you capture rather than sink them.

Capturing Caracas and Cumana[]

Modyford wants to retaliate against the Spanish by capturing Caracas and Cumana and as usual it's up to you to carry out this scheme. Again you can bypass the forts by landing at a nearby shore and conducting a ground based assault (Cape Aruba near Caracas and Shores of Carupano near Cumana). Fight your way to the residence in each city and talk to the governors, then head back to Port Royal. As usual, the warm, fuzzy feeling is going to be your only reward.

Clarify the Situation in Saint John's[]

Reports have stopped coming from St. Johns, you are to go there and investigate. There you will find Colonel Thomas Lynch, he will inform you the English government won't tolerate Modyford's antics any longer - you are to arrest him. Go to his residence and talk to him, you'll have to fight a bunch of guards, afterwards you'll be teleported to the jail. Speak to Modyford one last time and head back to town (the quest is bugged at this point, since you killed English soldiers, the guards will attack you, so run to your ship, sail away, and enter map mode - when you return, things will be back to normal). Speak to Lynch in the residence, an investigation of Modyford's activities is being conducted, you are to return in a month. When you do, you will be promoted to knighthood complete with the title of Sir, awarded your share of 300,000 from Modyford's ill-gotten gains, and informed that Spain is no longer an enemy of England. Speaking to Lynch again will also grant you your final promotion to Commodore.


That concludes the English quest line. Please point out any errors or omissions I may have made.

Thanks to Faizal who mailed me this: After the 2rd part of english quest line is attacking Belize, which is in spanish main. When you talk to Henry Morgan in his residence in St John's, he will offer you to visit his residence in Port Royal, so after you collect your reward from 2nd Mission, go to Morgan's residence and he will offer you to attack Belize. First of all, you must store your companion ship in port control if you have some, and then talk to Jackman in Bermuda and John Morris in Port of Spain for help, they will join in your squadron. After your squadron complete, go to Beliz, rememer, your preparation to Belize just 50 days, if you're late, you're finished. Anyway, after you destroy the fort of Belize, and you clear the port from soldiers, go talk to governor about the gold. Yeah, i almost forgot, the reason of morgan to attack belize is about gold, it is about 3 tons!! After your talk with governor, you will teleported to fort of Belize, then talk to all your friends, and voila, your ship is full with gold, you can sell it for some money