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To do these quests you need a Dutch privateer patent, or Letter of Marque. You can obtain it by doing several missions for the Dutch Governors, or you can simply buy it from a pirate Diplomat in a pirate town's tavern. The patent grants you the rank of Privateer. If you have it, talk to Governor-General Peter Stuyvesant in Willemstad on Curacao.

Based on original from Skodarap's CoAS Site (used with permission).[1]

First Quest[]

Peter Stuyvesant wants you to transport an influental Jansenist, Aaron Mendes Chumaceiro, from Marigot to Willemstad. Sail to Marigot and look for a house to the right of the Governor's residence. When you enter the house, you will be greeted by bandits. Give them the precious metal they desire (lead or steel - that is, kill them) and go upstairs. Talk to Chumaceiro and he will depart for your ship. Now just sail back to Willemstad and report to Stuyvesant; Chumaceiro will reward you with thirty thousand (30,000) and Stuyvesant congratulates you.

Second Quest[]

Stuyvesant asks you to transport some cheap goods from Fort Orange to Willemstad. You have to deliver 400 units of Ebony, Coffee, Mahogany, and Sandalwood to him within 2 months. Go to Fort Orange and show the paper from Stuyvesant to the local Governor, who will grant you special prices. Then talk to the store owner and buy as many of the specified goods as you can from him, and leave for Willemstad. As soon as Stuyvesant has all the necessary goods, he will reward you.

Third Quest[]

Peter Stuyvesant wants you to speak with Edward Mansfield, a Dutch pirate, about the English trade war and British measures against Holland.

  • Go to La Vega and visit Mansfield's residence. He knows nothing, but says Henry Morgan might.
  • Go to Port Royale and visit Morgan's residence. Turns out he is on Antigua, so go there. If the house is locked: go to the dungeon and enter through there. Help Morgan with his favor.
  • A certain filibuster named Pierre le Picard needs to be checked so sail to Tortuga and talk to the tavern keeper, the brothel owner, the shipwright, the store owner, and the moneylender about Pierre.
  • You have learned enough, so report back to Morgan. He will tell you that Governor-General Modyford plans to attack Fort Orange. Return to Stuyvesant.

Fourth Quest[]

Stuyvesant sends you out to defeat the English bastards attacking Fort Orange. When you sail to Cape Negril on Jamaica, some English military ships will greet you warmly; after they have been sunk, land at Cape Negril and deal with the English troops in front of Fort Orange. When they're all dead, report back to Stuyvesant to receive a huge reward.

(You can fail this quest by not making it to Fort Orange in time; this does not stop quest line progression)

Fifth Quest[]

Peter Stuyvesant orders you to escort 3 fluyts to the pirate colony of La Vega, on Hispanola. As the squadron commander, you have to supply the ships with food, medicines, etc.

  • At La Vega, you have to load the ships with seven thousand (7,000) hundredweights of food and provisions for the voyage, as well as some added provisions in case of "rat attacks".
  • When you arrive at La Vega, you will hear that Mansfield has been killed by the Spanish. Buy everything you need and leave the harbor. You will meet a Spanish squadron. Sink them and protect your fluyts.
  • Sail back to Willemstad and report to Stuyvesant about Mansfield's death, the Spanish attack, and the transportation of the rations.

Sixth Quest[]

Stuyvesant wants revenge against the Spanish, and tells you to coordinate a retaliation with the pirates.

  • Find Henry Morgan and ask him for help. He will gladly help to avenge Mansfields death.
  • For that, you have to find out if the Spanish governor of Santiago, Jose Sanchez Jimenez, is at home and if he intends to leave the city.
  • Sail to Santiago and ask the tavern keeper about Jimenez schedule. He will tell you everything untill he realizes that you could be a spy, at which point he calls for the guards. Kill them and leave the city, then report back to Morgan, and finally return to Stuyvesant in Willemstad.

Seventh Quest[]

Peter Stuyvesant would like to send a secret letter to Monsieur d'Ogeron in Tortuga.

  • Sail to Tortuga and give the letter to d'Ogeron in the residence. He wants to answer Stuyvesant directly so you have to wait 2 hours. Visit him again and he hands out a parcel for Stuyvesant. As you try to leave the town, someone will come up to you and tell you to meet a man in the tavern, who is supposedly sent by Stuyvesant. Go there. It is a trap.
  • After you awake again, talk to the tavern keeper, after which you must run to d'Ogeron and report the theft of the parcel. He will give you the permission to ask the port controller about leaving ships. You will learn that the brig "La Rochelle" is headed for San Juan.
  • Sail near San Juan and enter the sea mode. You will be greeted by the "La Rochelle". Make sure you don't sink it, and instead board it and deal with the crew. However, the captain will tell you that the thief has changed ships, and is on the galleon "Isabella", which travels to Santa Catalina.
  • Sail there immediately and enter the sea mode before the city. Board the Galleon and have a chat with the thief Antonio. He will hand over the parcel and you can finally set sail back towards Willemstad.

Skoda's note: You don't have to complete this quest - you can let thief escape and still continue with quest-line, but you'll have to wait for 2 months (maybe a bit less) to continue.

Eighth Quest[]

Stuyvesant will tell you that Chumaceiro needs assistance. Visit Aaron at his house in Willemstad, and he will ask you to seek a special version of the bible, which a pirate wanted to sell on the Bermudas.

  • Sail to Bermuda and talk to the tavern keeper, the store owner and Jackman about this guy. His name is Laurens de Graf and he lives in Tortuga.
  • Sail to Tortuga and see the tavern keeper for information about de Graf. It turns out he has set sail to raid Spanish ships near Cartagena.
  • Sail near Cartagena and enter sea mode. Laurens will be busy with a Spanish squadron. Help him out. After defeating the Spanish squadron, sail To de Graf's ship via rowboat. He will sell you a map. Sail to the island mentioned in this map to receive the book and some other loot. Bring the book to Aaron and receive one million (1,000,000) piasters.

Ninth Quest[]

Peter Stuyvesant wants you to collect four Man-o-Wars, as the Dutch shipyards have problems building large vessels. Find the four ships and hand them over to him. Be careful: if you own a private Man-o-War, he will take them as well.

Skoda's notes - Stuyvesant mentions Man-o-War's but quest log says Ship-of-the-Line, you need four Man-o-Wars and the best way to obtain them is to either waiting for a chance to defend the city, or attacking punitive expeditions or military convoys... sometimes you can find one guarding a merchant convoy, but that's rare.

Tenth Quest[]

Stuyvesant begs you to defend the harbor against an incoming Spanish squadron. Defend Willemstad at all costs. Go out and beat the Spaniards with the help of the Dutch fort.

Eleventh Quest[]

Stuyvesant tells you that the Spanish are on their way to assault Marigot. Sail there and sink them. Return to Stuyvesant to collect your reward.

Skoda's note - you can fail this one as well, you won't get reward but you can continue normally.

Twelfth Quest[]

Stuyvesant wants you to annex the Spanish town of Maracaibo for the glory of Holland. Sail there, destroy the fort's cannons and the ships, then assault the garrison and slaughter the city guards. Finally, go to the governors mansion and raise the Dutch flag.

Now you can capture towns for the glory of Holland, or for your own pleasure.