Age of Pirates Wiki
  • Talk to a store owner about business (the town where you first start in is fine) and he will tell you that a nasty pirate and his very fast ship, the Blue Bird, are plundering merchants. He offers you 50000 for sinking that ship, then gives you a hint that the store owner in Bermuda may know more.
  • Go to Bermuda and talk to the store owner about the Blue Bird.
  • Go to the tavern owner and ask him about the Blue Bird. He will direct you to the store owner on Puerto Principe.
  • Talk with the merchant on Puerto Principe and he'll tell you that Pascal Vousier (the Bermuda Store owner) is actually a sinister man hiding under a helpful facade.

    Blue Bird Quest

    Go to Bermuda and talk to the Shipyard owner about his dungeon (don't pay the 20,000). He'll tell you that nobody uses his dungeon, but of course you'll need to make sure, so go to Broken Washbasin and enter the cave in the jungle. Go to the opening behind the glowing orb (don't touch the orb as it will spawn skeletons).
  • Your character will hear something and wait. You will see the crew of the Blue Bird offloading their goods onto the colony. Leave the cave and go to your ship. Save before entering your ship as the Blue Bird will attack you as soon as you enter sea mode.
  • Fight the Blue Bird (with chain balls to negate its speed if needed) and sink or board it. Boarding is highly recommended especially at lower levels since the Blue Bird (Class 5) is a fast and able ship, though lower levels will also require more preparation.
  • Possible endings of the quest:
    1. You sink the ship and return to the store owner that gave you the quest and collect 50,000 gold.
    2. You board the ship, keep it, and then before talking to the store owner leave it at Port Control. You'll collect 50,000 and keep the ship, as the store owner thinks you sunk it. This option is the most hassle-free, and is highly recommended.
    3. You keep the ship, and return to the store owner with it. He tells you that the deal was that you sink it, and since he doesn't trust you because he thinks that you will use it as a pirate vessel, he doesn't pay you anything and the quest will remain active. This option is not recommended due its length - although you will receive 200,000 gold at its completion instead of 50,000, you have to do a lot more objectives when you can simply just do a simple trade mission or export/import trading to net you more than 200,000 gold (in fact, with the time taken to complete the extra objectives, you could have netted more than 6 million with exporting/importing). Also, there are a number of concerns with the objectives: you WILL lose reputation and also your Letter of Marque if done incorrectly, not to mention you will have to travel a lot through each town and pray that the townsfolk will tell you of a "rich trader gearing up and just left port". However, if you're hell bent on taking this option, make sure to follow the guide below.
      1. First, you'll have to talk to the townsfolk of any colony and ask them "what's new in these parts", in hopes that they'll tell you about some "rich merchant gearing up and just left port". Note that this can take very long time because it's RANDOM - only one colony in the world will have townsfolk give you this information. If they do, your ship log will update and you now have to make sure you're prepared BEFORE dropping into sea mode. Once you drop into sea mode, you cannot moor back into town without losing the merchant. Also, remember NOT to talk to the tavern owner about "breaking news" as he will give you the "Easy Pickings" quest which is separate from this one.
      2. In case you're wondering, there is a way to find this "random colony" where the rich merchant is gearing up in. Simply open the debugger with F11 and click on F22 (Ascold Info). The bottom line will be "Here will be hearings on a flute of the trader: [Colony Name]". This means that this colony is the randomed colony that if you talk to the townsfolk in, they will give you the next part of the quest.
      3. Drop into sea mode and sail to the merchant's ship which is always a flute (if he's near the fort, you'll have to be careful). Now, if you attack him straight away you WILL lose reputation with the country he's with, and if you have a title and Letter of Marque with that nation you will lose it as well. As such, you have to force him to attack you instead. This is accomplished by flying the jolly roger flag, then dropping into World Map and then quickly pressing space to drop right back into sea mode (if you do it too slowly he will "escape" and you'll have to talk to the townsfolk again). Once you drop back into sea mode, he will attack you and you can attack him back without losing any reputation. Board or sink him - it doesn't really matter. It also doesn't matter whether you sink him with the tartane or with the Soleil Royal - any ship is fine (even if you sold the Blue Bird). The quest log will update again at this point.
      4. Now go back and talk to the store owner, and watch your dialogue option carefully: if your dialogue option is "How are your colleagues' flutes doing? Everything fine there?", DO NOT choose the option as he will call the guards and try to arrest you. Instead, find another merchant ship and repeat the process, then talk to him again and see if it changes. Once your dialogue option becomes: "You sure you don't want to give me that money? I have earned it, fair and square. Now, don't answer right off. Stop and think a moment.", go ahead and choose that option and talk to him. After some coercion, he finally gives you 200,000 gold instead of 50,000 and the quest ends.

The Blue Bird Xebec is pretty fast and decent for a Class 5 ship, though lacking in firepower. It is an excellent vessel to fight with in the beginning, and can match up against any ships Class 5 and above. However, Class 4 and below ships will pummel the Blue Bird, so caution is advised when encountering those ships.