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This quest is not as hard as it seems but it must be taken very early in the game in order to be really useful. You can get up to 200k gold which is priceless in the beginning of the game and you also get the best medium weapon for good measure. But at high levels, you would be swimming in millions of gold and the medium weapon will start to become more common loot.

Hence, following these steps will allow you to make it relatively quickly. Of course, you must know how to fence in land combat. The enemies in this quest are rather strong and you can die in one or two hits if you let them hit you.

Anyway, the idea behind this quest is that there is an organization which lures captains into secluded places, then kills and robs them. You must eventually find and kill the leader of the organization, after killing his henchmen in several cities.

WARNING: This quest is easily failed without warning. Save, save, and save in multiple slots, especially if you are new to this quest. You do not want to make a wrong move, realize you failed and can never complete this quest, and then get frustrated because you didn't have a backup save handy.

Locations of the Killers[]

The killers are on the streets of:

  • Cartagena (Spanish Main)
  • Santa Catalina (Spanish Main)
  • Panama (Spanish Main)

(Jungle route from Puerto Bello to Panama: left, left, left, straight, straight)

  • Marigo (St.Martin, Dutch)
  • Saint John (Antigua, English)
  • Fort de France (Martinique, French)

You may notice that that covers all 3 nationalities, so at least one of the towns is going to be hostile to you, depending to your nationality. You can still sneak into the town and trigger the quest as long as the guards don't spot you until after you've found the killer. If you find this difficult, consider getting a trade license first, then fly a friendly flag and you can moor in the port and enter peacefully (though to get a trade license it will effectively cost you at least 150k gold, rendering the gold obtained from this quest nearly useless).

Part 1: Killing the Killers[]

You're approached by one of the killers (in the cities mentioned above) and they will tell you to follow them to the cave / dungeon. Remember to meet them BEFORE midnight or the quest will fail! You can start in any of the cities mentioned above but there is a strategy to it. There is a pattern to how the encounters will unfold:

  1. Two fights with the first two of the killers.
  2. Talk with the third killer.
  3. Three fights with the last three killers.

Just walk the streets during daytime and they will talk to you. You can also approach people and initiate conversation until you find the right one (the better option if you are in a hostile town and trying to avoid the guards - the guards will ignore you while you are in a conversation so use this to let them pass). They do not look the same in every town, and are always male.

Three of the fighters are single and three have bodyguards. The worst fight - almost impossible to be won at a low level, is in Fort De France. Hence, it is recommended that you leave this killer for your third encounter - then you will only talk with him and will miss the hardest fight.

The killers in Cartagena, Marigo and Saint John are single. They can be killed even at level 1, provided you know how to fight. So choose any TWO of the three cities and kill the killers. Then meet the Fort de France guy and talk to him. Then go and meet the last single killer and leave Santa Catalina and Panama for the last fights. You will fight against 2 enemies but there are choke points so you can kill them one by one. Remember that after you talk to the 3rd guy, do NOT tell the others you know about their organization or the quest will fail!

Note: Four of the fights are in the caves outside the towns (abandoned mine "cave" for Panama) while Saint John and Fort de France are in real dungeons beneath the towns (the entrances are trapdoors in the grass).

Part 2: Face off with the Mastermind[]

To fight the leader you must get his whereabouts from the last killer and embark for San Juan del Norte (south of Santa Catalina), go through a cave with skeletons, kill him in a house in the pearl divers village, and go back through the cave with the skeletons again.

Inside the cave, in order to get to him (and back to your ship afterwards), you will have to pass the white orb, which will spawn skeletons in the cave. You can run past them or fight them; it doesn't really matter. Note however, that the skeletons can poison you so be sure to have some antidotes and/or mixtures handy.

The fight with the leader is of moderate difficulty; make sure you have enough energy to kill him or he could prove challenging. Also, particularly of note is his frequent use of pistols, which can one shot the low health player. Once you finish him off, loot him for 110k gold, a nice little Beretta pistol, a good spyglass, and the best medium weapon in the game! Congratulations - the quest ends here.

Based on original from Skodarap's CoAS Site (used with permission). Original is here .