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  1. The Mummy Powder: To begin this quest, you first have to talk to a store owner that will hopefully give you the mummy powder quest (this store owner is random so it could be anyone). After you have the quest, you need to find a trader who sells the mummy powder.
    • Find the mummy powder by talking to all the street merchants in the world. Ask them whether they have the mummy powder and they will always say no. As such, you will have to keep asking them until they either get angry and tell you to go away or sell it to you. Unfortunately, there is only one such trader in the world who will sell you the powder, so this means that it will probably take a long, long time without any cheats. Thus, if you want to know who this random trader is, scroll all the way down to the "Cheat to find Ascold Information" section.
    • When you finally talk to the correct street merchant and manage to persuade him or her to sell it to you, take the powder back to the merchant. He will tell you to take it to Ascold in Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe. So go there and find him in his house, which is marked as "Ascold's Residence". In case you need directions, upon mooring, walk all the way straight and look to your left as you approach the end of the street - his house will be right in front of you.
  2. The 3 Aztec Items : After giving Ascold the powder, he will express gratitude and give you a new mission, which is to find 3 rare Aztec items. After you get these items, take them back to Ascold and he will give you a new quest after a few months. There are 2 ways to get these items:
    • You can buy them in Jamaica by talking to Henry Morgan's secretary. However, it will cost you 1 million gold.
    • You can get them by doing the Layton Dexter's side quest in the City of Abandoned Ships. Check it here for more information.
  3. The Spanish Ship Log: You will now have to find a Spanish Ship Log for Ascold. Saving in a separate file at this point is crucial because this part of the quest can be very tough, especially for vanilla Age of Pirates 2 users.
    • Go to Havana and talk to the bartender. After that, head to Santiago and enter the house next to the Moneylender's Residence. Talk to the Spanish Officer inside and he will tell you to find the Man-o-war at Amatike Bay (near Belize) in order to find the Spanish Ship Log. Now, before you rush off to Amatike bay, prepare yourself and make sure you have a good ship and have good ship skills and officers. You will be fighting against Man-o-wars (Class 1). WARNING: Save now in a separate slot before dropping into sea mode - potential bugs ahead!
    • For vanilla Age of Pirates 2 users, you will find 10 Man-o-wars in Amatike bay. If you installed the Gentlemen of Fortune mod v2.0, however, you will find only 2 Man-o-wars instead of 10. Regardless, this can prove to be very daunting since the moment you drop from the world map into sea mode near Belize, the Man-o-wars will spawn right next to your ship and begin firing almost immediately.
    • You have to board the Man-o-wars and find the ship log in the cupboard of the captain's cabin. At this point, you may encounter a bug and the ship log won't spawn despite you checking the cupboards of the Man-o-wars (this bug is more prominent on GoF mod v2.0 where there are only 2 Man-o-wars). If this happens, you will have to reload to a save before the Man-o-war encounter and try again (thus making the save before dropping to sea mode essential). Note that the ship log is essential to this quest; without it, the quest can still proceed as normal but the moment you return to Ascold, he will get angry and the quest will fail.
    • When you finally find the ship log, sink the other Man-o-war(s) and moor at Amatike bay. At this point, do not enter any Spanish port because they will be hostile to you until you finish this portion of the quest.
    • After going ashore, you will have to go to the Inca temple (Straight 3 times, then turn right) and kill all the Spanish soldiers around the temple. After that, save right outside the temple then go inside the temple to kill everybody. You will face one of the hardest fights in the game, even if you're very high level with all personal skills maxed.
    • This part is so tough that you will probably lose some officers, yet is nearly impossible if you don't bring any to be your meat shield. You will be fighting 4 musketeers, 1 Spanish officer, and 8 fighters (4 on the left and 4 on the right) in an enclosed area so they will all rush you (and your officers) at once. Thus, a good strategy is to find a nice little choke point with your back against the wall, spam elixirs/mixtures, and pray you don't run out of energy as you whittle them down one by one. With your back against the wall at the furthest end, you should be able to fight against only one or two soldiers at a time, making the fight considerably easier. Berserk is also very useful in this encounter, as it allows you to do powerful swinging attacks and kill off 4 surrounding Spanish soldiers in a few swings. Finally, it is highly recommended to bring disposable fighter officers as your meat shields so they can take the hits for you.
    • After you've killed them all, don't forget to loot the Aztec totem "Xipe Totec", which can be seen quite clearly on the floor. This totem is used in Tenochtitlan to open a chest where you will find the 3 Aztec items you needed previously but of course is too late now to be of any use. The chest does contain other very useful items though so make sure to go there and open it sometime in the future.
    • Now that all's said and done, go back to Ascold and finish the quest. Upon entering the World Map at this point and then entering back into Sea mode, the Spanish ports will no longer be hostile. Also, once you talk to Ascold, he will tell you that he has no money to pay you and request that you give him a few days before he gives you another quest. If you do not have the ship log in your inventory when you talk to him, you will fail the quest.
  4. Finding the Tomb: Finding the tomb is very easy. Simply leave the city through the jungle, turn left, head straight, then straight again (don't turn to the right) and you will reach Guadeloupe's Cave. Once inside, head straight, ignore the white light and enter the twin tunnels, follow the path, then turn right into the twin tunnels again (there should be a rope in front of you this time), continue following this path and then keep turning right whenever you come to a junction, until you see a tomb-like entrance in front of you (accompanied by 2 braziers on the wall). Enter this tomb and your player will say something about plates. Now go back to Ascold and he will ask you to find an Aztec tablet, which is apparently required to open the passage to the tomb in the cave. At this point, your quest log will no longer update.
  5. The Aztec Tablet: The tablet can be found randomly on one of the three deserted islands (Turks, Cayman, and Dominica). It can be found inside the cave on the island, and is big enough to be noticeable. If you want to know which of the islands is the correct one, you can always scroll down and read the "Cheat to find Ascold Information" section below. When you find it, take it back to Ascold. Note: There is a very bad bug in this part of the quest: After you talk to Leif Ericson (below), you will be unable to open the F2 menu and all your fighter officers will disappear completely. As such, it is highly recommended you remove all your fighter officers from their posts immediately before starting this next part of the quest. If you encounter a bug in that you are unable to select your officer as a fighter officer, simply place him as one of the officers commanding your ships, then replace him with another officer again. This will "reset" him and allow him to be chosen as a fighter officer again.
  6. Leif Ericson: After taking back the tablet to Ascold, go back to the cave and put the tablet in the symbol on the floor. You will get a loading screen and the passage will then be open. Go near the burial tomb and try to open it which of course won't bulge but you must have at least tried to before going back to see Ascold. He will then give you an item to open the burial tomb (you will have to travel a lot between the city and the cave in this part of the quest) so head back and open the burial tomb with the item. 3 skeletons will appear and you'll have to kill them all. After that, Leif Ericson will appear and talk to you, telling you his story and then with some magic coerce you into invading Basse-Terre with an army of skeletons and find 4 items. Talk to Leif Ericson again to launch the attack.
    • You will enter into a battle with french soldiers just outside and in the town. Kill them all and then talk to the governor in his residence. He will give you a key to open his cupboard where you will find the 4 items. Take them all and go back to see Leif Ericson. After a short talk, you're free.
    • Now go back to Ascold and you'll realize that you have to save the world from Leif Ericson's evil plans, so go back to the cave and kill him. He has around 3000 health like Mictlantecuhtli in the Tenochtitlan quest so be careful. The good news is he doesn't hit as hard so just save before entering his tomb and then keep hitting him. Critical hits are invaluable here - they can crit up to 1000. Once he's dead, take the items on his body (you will not see the 4 items you gave him previously) and don't forget the vase!
    • Go back to Ascold and now you will have 2 options. You can either sell him the vase for 50,000 gold, or keep it and try to open it on your own. This decision is a no-brainer; to truly reap the rewards of this quest line, you have to choose to keep the vase and open it on your own.
  7. The Contract with the Demon: You have to find a way to open the vase. In order to open the vase, you need to talk to each town's shipyard owner and ask him to help you open the vase. However, because there is only one randomly generated shipyard owner in the world who will fulfill this request, most of the time he will refuse and tell you to give the vase to the church instead. If you do give the vase to the church, you will gain a lot of reputation, but lose out on some of the other finer rewards later on. Once you found the correct shipyard owner (you can also find out the correct shipyard owner through the cheat section below), he will tell you to take his tools on the table and do it yourself. So go to the table and open it and you will be teleported to Guadeloupe at the Morn l'o shore. A demon called Azzy (he will call himself Ozzie) will talk to you and offer to grant you several wishes if you wish. The wishes you can choose are detailed below, with the ones he actually grants you being highlighted in bold. Do note that you can choose all wishes and are not actually limited to just one, but if you keep asking for the same wish even after you had just asked for it he will eventually run out of patience and disappear.
  8. WARNING: If you do intend on taking immortality, DO NOT keep asking Azzy for the same wish over and over until he gets angry and disappears. If you do so, you will NOT be able to summon him later on to break the contract because he will just tell you that "you're a bore" and leave (worse, there is also a bug in which he keeps repeating the line over and over and you cannot exit the dialogue, making you revert to an earlier save). This effectively ruins your save game, because the amount of lives required daily will keep increasing every month until it becomes unsustainable.
    • For you to kill my enemies: You can select this option, but he will not be able to do so since it would involve taking your soul.
    • Money: He will tell you to go to Charlestown and speak to the moneylender. You will receive a one-time payment of 3 million pieces of eight.
    • Rum: He will tell you to talk to the store owner of Port-au-Prince for free rum. Apparently though, you can only get 300 Qty of free rum daily only.
    • A good ship: He will refuse saying it takes too much work.
    • Immortality: It is important to note that he will grant you invulnerability to weapons/gunfire,etc instead of immortality. He will ask you to sign a contract with Hell's HR department and this contract will now appear in your logbook, stating the terms and conditions to maintain your invulnerability. You basically need to kill a number of people daily to maintain this invulnerability, but this contract is NOT sustainable and is probably not worth the hassle of trying to break the contract eventually. More info is detailed below.
    • To become the governor-general of Jamaica: He will say that it is only possible if he forces through the whole sequential chain of events that will lead you to becoming a true governor in the eyes of the people, which may result in unwanted catastrophes and consequences.......which your character will immediately decline saying it is too complicated.
    • To be the strongest, cleverest, smartest, luckiest...: He will direct you to talk to the brothel owner in Tortuga. This procedure will grant you 1 P.I.R.A.T.E.S. attribute point.
    • I don't want anything else...: this will exit the entire dialogue and send you back to wherever you were previously. Choose this after you have finished choosing all your wishes.

If you decided to take up his offer for immortality (invulnerability), you will find that the contract, although initially a great boon, can quickly become a great hassle because in the first month you only need to kill 3 people daily, but the next month it increases to 6 people daily, then to 12, then to 24, etc. Also, if you are unable to kill the required number of people, you will lose 5 health points per day permanently. In short, this contract is not sustainable, and to break the contract you will have to read the next section.

It is generally advisable that the player does not take invulnerability if he/she wishes to avoid this hassle. However, if one doesn't mind the hassle, or already has the items required to break the contract, then the next logical step would be to ensure maximum benefits from this contract. First, note that both you AND your ship's hull/sailors (sails are not) are invulnerable, so you technically will never die by land or by sea. Unfortunately, this invulnerability does not extend to your other ships/officers, and during a fort attack your other sailors are not invulnerable and can die via landing party.

Always have a surplus of lives to ensure that health is not permanently deducted. Check your quest log to see how much you have to pay and to see how much reserve energy you have.

Some good advice to make good use of invulnerability include, but are not limited to:

  • Raise the pirate flag, go into the nearest enemy town and begin killing the never-ending spawns of Guards in the city to raise personal skills and fill up the kill quota. Bounty is capped at 100k. Killing in friendly towns is not recommended, for obvious reasons.
  • To instantly max all weapon and pistol skills, you will want to exploit the fact that if you board an enemy ship (or fort) against incredible odds you will face super high level opponents. So just have only one crew on your ship, then board an enemy ship with 200+ men and you will fight a battle you normally can't win. Fortunately, you're invulnerable, so just keep hitting them until they all die and you'll max all your weapon and pistol skills quickly.
  • Killing guards in a pirate town works even better than a nation town. The key difference is that you don't lose reputation for killing guards in a pirate town, and that the next day you enter the port, everything is back to normal with no repercussions whatsoever.
  • Invulnerability helps a ton with overpowered fights like those in Tenochtitlan. A good strategy would be to do those quests with overpowered fights after taking invulnerability, though usually this will require the player to have already tried those quests and thus know how tough it could be. Note that if you're very high level, some quests like Tenochtitlan will actually be quite easy.
  • You can take on forts without any worry now that you and your ship can't be harmed. Remember that your sailors can still die via landing party!

Note: You have to begin killing immediately upon obtaining invulnerability (so don't drop to sea mode) or your health will start getting permanently deducted the next day! A good way to do this would be to keep killing skeletons in the nearby cave to fulfill your kill quota before dropping into sea mode. Also, remember that the quest updates daily so don't be surprised if you start killing people and it still shows your lives accumulated as 0.

Breaking the Contract[]

After accepting the contract to gain invulnerability, you need to lose at least 5 health points due to neglecting the terms of the contract at least once in order to trigger the next step of the quest. Remember that any health lost in this manner is permanent and cannot be returned, so lose 5 health points only once and then fill up your kill quota to prevent losing any more health.

Now talk to Ascold about how to see the demon Azzy again and he will tell you that you need to find 3 skulls and an object (the same ones you gave to Leif earlier in the quest) and give them to a witch to perform the ritual to summon Azzy again. This object is actually the Atlantic Warrior item.

In short, you will need 1 Pink Crystal Skull, 1 White Crystal Skull, 1 Blue Crystal Skull, and 1 Atlantic Warrior.

In order to get all 4 items, you need to have completed the City of Abandoned Ships Quest line, since one of the side quests called Layton Dexter in the City of Abandoned ships allows you to conveniently find all 4 items inside his chest (some of the items can also be found as rare loot from enemies in the City, and some in other places like Tenochtitlan as well, but this is the only place where you will conveniently find all 4 items in one chest).

Once you have all 4 items, bring them to the madame in the brothel in Tortuga and ask her to perform the ritual. Once Azzy is summoned, one of 2 things will happen:

  • If you and Azzy left on peaceful terms earlier (choosing the "I don't want anything else..." option to exit the dialogue): He will annul the contract and you're free. The quest is finally complete.
  • If you pissed him off earlier by repeating the same wish over and over until he leaves: You are screwed. He will call you a bore without listening to what you have to say and leave. There is also a bug in which you can never exit the dialogue in which he calls you a bore, so you're screwed either way. Revert to an earlier save before you meet Azzy to fix this problem.

Note: the only way for you to regain back the 5 health points lost is to pick either the Endurance/Power attribute when you talk to the madame in the brothel at Tortuga about becoming stronger. Otherwise, those 5 health points are permanently lost.

Cheat to find Ascold Information[]

The easiest way to find all the randomized variables in this quest (shipyard owner, store owner, street trader, and the random island) is to enable the Debugger and hit 11 to open up the debug menu. Then click on F22 to open up the Ascold Info and it will show you just who the randomized people/locations are. For example, in my game:

Random shop owner: PortoBello_trader (this guy is the one who first gives you the quest to search for the mummy powder)

Random trader (colony): San Juan (this shows that a random trader in the stated colony will ultimately sell you the mummy powder if you ask enough)

Random shipyarder: Cartahena_shipyarder (this is the shipyard owner who will help you open the vase)

Annals location: Dominica_Grot (this is the island where you will find the Aztec Tablet in its cave)

Annals locator: item3 (this is basically used in the teleporting code to teleport yourself directly to the Aztec tablet - so in this example the code will be: Dominica_Grot, item, item3)

Here will be hearings on a flute of the trader: [not activated, error, or some random colony] (this is used for the Blue Bird Quest if you choose to retain the Blue Bird Xebec and speak to the merchant, in which you will need to find merchant ships and sink/board them to complete the quest. Not used for this quest.)

This will be different in every game since it's random.

Based on original from Skodarap's CoAS Site (used with permission). Original is here .